Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64
Donkeykong 64.jpg
North American Boxart
Developer Rareware
Publisher Nintendo
Console Nintendo 64
Release Date NA; November 22, 1999
Europe; December 31, 1999
JP; December 10, 1999
Rating E
Mode(s) 1-4 Players

Donkey Kong 64 is a game developed by Rareware for the Nintendo 64 and released back in 1999. It was first released in North America, followed by Europe and Japan. Donkey Kong 64 got positive reviews with an average score of 88%. The game requires the Expansion Pack in order to be played. It was also the first Nintendo 64 game to do so. The game features a single player Adventure Mode and a multiplayer Battle Mode called Kong Battle. It is the only Donkey Kong platformer game to be 3D.


[edit] Story

This game takes place after what happened in the Donkey Kong Land series. King K. Rool is trying to destroy Donkey Kong Island with a big machine called the Blast-O-Matic. It ends up malfunctioning and the Kremlings work to repair it. While this happens, King K. Rool kidnaps Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, and Chunky Kong and locks them up. As well he steals Donkey Kongs Golden Bananas.

Donkey Kong is told of these recent events by Squawks the bird and Donkey Kong makes his way to Cranky Kong about what has happened. To prepare Donkey Kong for his adventure, Cranky Kong sets up Training Barrels that Donkey Kong must complete before he is give the potion that will allow Donkey Kong to learn the Simian Slam. Once learned, Donkey Kong will be able to gain access to DK Isle and his adventure will begin!

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Donkey Kong

Main Article: Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the main character of the game and the first Kong that the player can use. Donkey Kong's Bananas, Banana Balloons, Blueprints, and Coins are all yellow. He is a balanced character in all stats(jumping, running, strength). His weapon is the Coconut Gun which will shoot Coconuts. He is able to turn invincible, pull levers and play barrel shooting mini games. His musical instrument is the Bongo Blast.

[edit] Diddy Kong

Main Article: Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's sidekick and he can be unlocked in Jungle Japes by Donkey Kong. His Bananas, Banana Balloons, Blueprint, and coins are all red. Diddy Kong is smaller then Donkey Kong and is faster than DK. But he lacks strength. His weapon is the Peanut Popgun that shoots Peanuts. His musical instrument is the Guitar Gazump. He is able to fly around on his jetpack, Chimpy Charge, and Spring Jump.

[edit] Tiny Kong

Main Article: Tiny Kong

Tiny Kong is the third or fourth character that can be unlocked. She can be unlocked in Angry Aztec by Diddy Kong. Her Bananas, Banana Balloons, Blueprints, and coins are all Purple. She is the smallest of the Kongs and as well the weakest, but she can jump higher and run a bit faster than the others. Her weapon is the Feather Bow, which shoots feathers. Her musical instrument is the Saxophone Slam. She can glide by using her ponytails, turn small, and teleport.

[edit] Lanky Kong

Main Article: Lanky Kong

Lanky Kong is the third or fourth character that can be unlocked. He can be unlocked in Angry Aztec by Donkey Kong. His Bananas, Banana Coins, Blueprints, and Coins are all Blue. Lanky is considered to be the fastest of the Kongs, and has good reach. But he does not have strong attacks. His weapon is the Grape Shooter, which shoots grapes. His musical instrument is the Trombone Tremor. He can handstand to run even faster, inflate to reach areas, and run really fast.

[edit] Chunky Kong

Main Article Chunky Kong

Chunky Kong is the final character to unlock. He can be unlocked in Frantic Factory by Lanky Kong. His Bananas, Banana Coins, Blueprints, and Coins are Green. Chunky is the strongest character in the game and the largest, but he is the slowest and can't jump that well. His weapon is the Pineapple Bazooka. His musical instrument is the Triangle Trample. He is able to hit hard, grow big, and turn invisible.

[edit] Krusha

Main Article Krusha

Krusha is only available in Kong Battle after collecting a certain amount of Banana Fairies in the adventure mode.

[edit] Klaptrap

Main Article Klaptrap

Klaptrap is only playable in the Kong Battle mode.

[edit] Levels

Donkey Kong 64 has eight worlds and an overworld altogether. Each Kong has 5 Golden Bananas in each world except Tiny Kong who has 6 Golden Bananas in the Overworld due to getting a Golden Banana for collecting all of the Banana Fairies. Each Kong has one blueprint in each world as well as the overworld. Here is a list of the levels:

[edit] Power-Ups

[edit] Cranky's Lab

Cranky Kong, helps his Kong relatives throughout the game with secret potions that he has made himself. He doesn't just hand them out for free, for a certain amount of coins, the Kongs can learn moves that will be useful throughout the game.

After collecting 15 of the 40 Banana Medals, the player will be able to play Jetpac for a Rareware Coin by visiting Cranky's Lab.


[edit] Armory

Funky Kong runs the armory in Donkey Kong 64. He helps out the Kongs for a price by giving them their weapon.


  • Shooter Installment - 3 coins
  • Ammo Belt 1 - 3 Coins
  • Homing Ammo - 5 Coins
  • Ammo Belt 2 - 5 Coins
  • Sniper Scope - 7 Coins

[edit] Instruments

Candy Kong runs the Music Store, where she helps out the Kongs for a price by giving them their musical instruments.


  • Music Installment - 3 Coins
  • Upgrade 1 - 5 Coins
  • 3rd Melon and Music Energy - 7 Coins
  • Upgrade 2 - 9 Coins

[edit] Blueprints

Blueprints are new to the series, and exclusive to this game. Snide use to work for King K. Rool but betrayed him and offers his help to the Kong Clan. All the Kongs need to do is defeat the Kasplat that is of their color. These blueprints are for the Blast-O-Matic machine. When a Kong hands a blueprint over to Snide, they will get a Golden Banana. Later on in the game when you reach Hideout Helm, all those blueprints that were returned to Snide will increase the time limit to shut down the Blast-O-Matic. You will need to find Snide's HQ in each level if you want to hand a blueprint in, or the player can hand them in all at once when they choose to do so.

The Kasplats have hair that matches the color of their blueprint that they hold onto. Once the player has collected the blueprint from the Kasplat, its hair will turn white to notify it has been beaten and blueprint has been collected.

Yellow Haired Kasplats hold Donkey Kong's blueprints, Red Haired Kasplats hold Diddy Kong's blueprints, Blue Haired Kasplats hold Lanky Kong's blueprints, Purple Haired Kasplats hold Tiny Kong's blueprints, and Green Haired Kasplats hold Chunky Kong's blueprints.

[edit] Troff N' Scoff

Troff the Pig and Scoff the Hippo guard the doors to the bosses who hold the keys to K. Lumsy's cage. Each level has a Troff N' Scoff portal and there is a number on the closed door that tells you how many regular bananas you need to feed Scoff that will allow Troff to open the door. You can feed Scoff any regular banana from any Kong. Once Scoff has been fed the right amount of bananas, the door will open and reveal who can fight the boss. If the player uses a Kong that is not suppose to fight the boss, the door will not open. As you progress into the later worlds, you will need to feed Scoff more bananas. To check how many bananas the Kongs have combined, just looking in the pause menu will tell the player how many bananas have been collected in that world.

[edit] Bananas Required For Each World

  • Jungle Japes - 60 Bananas
  • Angry Aztec - 120 Bananas
  • Frantic Factory - 200 Bananas
  • Gloomy Galleon - 250 Bananas
  • Fungi Forest - 300 Bananas
  • Crystal Caves - 350 Bananas
  • Creepy Castle - 400 Bananas

[edit] Battle Crowns

There are a total of 10 Battle Crowns in Donkey Kong 64. To collect these Battle Crowns, the player will need to explore each level for a Battle Pad. There is two in the overworld as well. When you enter the Battle Pad by pressing Z, you will have 60 seconds to survive an onslaught from enemies ranging from Kremlings, to Kasplat. If you die, or fall off, you will need to redo it over.

You will need at least Four Battle Crowns to enter King K. Rool's secret room to retrieve the final key to K. Lumsy's cage. They will also add to your percentage score if you are aiming for 101%. The player will also need one Battle Crown to open the multiplayer modes.

[edit] Rareware/Nintendo Coin

For the final door in the game that will allow you to get the final key to K. Lumsy's cage, you will also need to collect two coins. The Rareware Coin and the Nintendo Coin. This door is located in the final world Hideout Helm.

To collect the Nintendo Coin, the player will need to use Donkey Kong to play the original Donkey Kong in Frantic Factory. DK will need to know how to pull levers to be able to play this. You will need to play the game twice as the first time will be for a Golden Banana. When you have completed it the second time, you will be given the Nintendo Coin.

For the Rareware Coin, you will need to have collected 15 Banana Medals. Going to Cranky's Lab, he will allow the player to play Jetpac. For the Rareware Coin to appear in the game, you will need a score of 5,000. It is best to stay on the first level to get the points as each level will get harder.

[edit] Banana Fairies

The player will need to have Tiny Kong to begin this part of the game and as well the Mini Monkey ability. Once these have been acquired, the player will need to venture over to Banana Fairy Island and go inside to talk to the Banana Fairy Queen who will give the player a Banana Fairy Camera. With the camera, the player will be able to snap photos of the Banana Fairies. The player will know when the picture is good when the smiley face in the corner is green. If red, then you will need to work on getting a good picture. Each time a fairy is captured, they will increase your inventory of certain items by one. There is a total of twenty fairies that need to be captured, that's 2 Fairies per world and 4 in the overworld. Once all have been captured, the player will be given the 201st Golden Banana of the game which will give the file 101% if everything has been done.

Note: Depending on how many Fairies the player has collected in the game, it will reflect on what is unlocked in Mystery Mode.

[edit] Items

There is multiple items that you can collect in Donkey Kong 64. Most, if not all are required for getting 100(or 101%) in the game.

[edit] Golden Bananas

The one thing that the player will be spending most of their time on collecting throughout the game, as it serves a big role in the storyline. There is a total of 200 Golden Bananas in the game and Golden Bananas will also allow you to enter specified worlds as the player will need a certain amount per world(Jungle Japes needs 1 to be accessed). Each Kong will need to collect 5 Golden Bananas in each world and as well as the Overworld. There is a Blueprint Golden Banana in each world.

[edit] Bananas

Bananas serve an important role in the game. They will be needed for accessing each boss in every world depending on the number of the door in Troff N' Scoff. There are a total of 500 bananas in every world, that is 100 bananas for each Kong. Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue, and Green are the 5 Kong Colors. These bananas can be found in singles, bunches of 5, or in Banana Balloons worth 10.

[edit] Banana Coins

Similar to Bananas, they play a nice role in the game as you will need them to learn new abilities for each Kong. They come in Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple, and Green.

There are 949 Banana Coins currently in Donkey Kong 64. Here is how it is broken down:

Donkey: 174, Diddy: 178, Lanky: 185, Tiny: 193, Chunky: 219

Each Kong spends a total of 21 coins on their own upgrades, Donkey Kong spends an extra 2 coins when he plays the DK arcade game, and a total of 53 coins on all shared upgrades. Assuming Donkey Kong pays for all shared upgrades, these are the totals you should have if you have collected them all:

Donkey: 98, Diddy: 157, Lanky: 164, Tiny: 172, Chunky: 198

Which is a total of 589.

[edit] Banana Medals

Banana Medals are given to a Kong after they have collected 75 regular bananas in a world. There is a total of 40 banana medals in the game. After collecting 15, the player will be able to play the classic Jetpac game at Cranky's Lab.

[edit] Boss Keys

Boss keys are needed to unlock K. Lumsy's cage located near King K. Rools mechanical island. You will collect the keys by defeating each world's boss. The final key can be obtained by 4 Battle Crowns, Rareware Coin and Nintendo coin in Hideout Helm.

[edit] 5-Banana Coin

When you see a dirt pile on the ground, hold "B" to use a charged release and this coin will pop out of the ground. It will give 5 coins to all Kongs.

[edit] Watermelons

This is the health system in Donkey Kong 64. Each melon contains four slices, when a Kong gets hit, they will lose one or more slices. When a Kong loses all slices, then the player will get a game over. When you defeat an enemy, they usually have a slice contained in them.

You can have a total of three watermelons in the game for health.

[edit] Melon Crates

Melon crates hold four watermelon slices inside of them that will recover a Kongs health when the crate is destroyed.

[edit] Orange Grenades

These are used for some enemies who cannot be defeated by normal attacks. Simply pressing "Z" and Right C Stick will make a Kong throw one. Upon impact, the Orange Grenade will explode.

[edit] Headphones

When Headphones are found, they will be used to replenish a Kongs instrument.

[edit] Supply Crates

Supply crates are used to replenish a Kongs shooter ammo. Each crate will contain five doses of ammo.

[edit] Crystal Coconuts

Crystal Coconuts are used for Cranky's barrel potions. Any move that is used from a Kong Barrel will use the Crystal Coconuts.

[edit] Banana Camera Film

The Banana Camera Film is used to replenish film for the cameras to take photos of the Banana Fairies.

[edit] Barrels

Throughout Donkey Kong 64, the player will experience multiple types of barrels that they can use for the Kongs. There are four main kinds of Barrels.

[edit] Kong Barrels

These barrels contains the barrel moves that Cranky Kong can teach to a Kong. When a Kong hops into this barrel, they will use the move learned by Cranky but for only a short period of time depending on how many Crystal Coconuts the player has.

[edit] Tag Barrels

Tag Barrels are important in Donkey Kong 64. When a Kong jumps into the barrel, the player will be allowed to switch to a different Kong to collect a Golden Banana or to do something else.

[edit] Bonus Barrels

Bonus Barrels are barrels that lead to a bonus game for the five Kongs. Beating one of these games will result in a Golden Banana.

[edit] TNT Barrels

TNT Barrels can be used as a weapon against enemies or be used to hinder a players progress in the game. They are often used in Boss Battles and Kabooms will sometimes nest in one. They explode on impact.

[edit] Pads

There is multiple pads that can be throughout the game.

[edit] Kong Pads

These pads can be used after learning the move from Cranky Kong. The Kong pictured on the pad can use their move once learned by pressing Z on the pad.

[edit] Musical Pad

All music pads have a picture of a Kongs instrument on it, when the Kong steps on the pad and plays their instrument, a variety things could happen, including Golden Bananas, new passages or something for another Kong.

[edit] Battle Arena Pads

A Battle Arena Pad is a big steel pad that has the head of King K. Roll on it. When you press 'Z', you are taken to a battle pit to fight many enemies that are seen throughout the game. This is how you earn Golden Crowns.

[edit] Bananaporters

Bananaporters allow easy transport from one part of the level to another. Ranging from numbers 1 to 5, there is only two pairs of them in a level(minus the bananaporters in the Llama Temple). They only come in pairs of two and only work when both have been activated.

[edit] Animal Transformations

There are only two Animal Buddies in Donkey Kong 64 that you can find in a level and use. They don't have a huge role in the game as they only appear a couple of times but show up to help out the Kongs.

[edit] Rambi

Main Article: Rambi

Donkey Kong is the only character who can change into Rambi the Rhino. He is only in Jungle Japes, Hideout Helm and in the unlockable Rambi arena. He has the ability to smash huts and walls that has his face on them. And he can kill enemies by charging them with his horn.

[edit] Enguarde

Main Article: Enguarde

Enguarde, is only playable in Gloomy Galleon and in the Enguarde arena. Lanky Kong is the only character who can change into Enguarde the Swordfish. He can smash open treasure chests, reveal hidden items and leap out of the water.

[edit] Multiplayer

The goal in multiplayer mode is to get the highest score out of their opponents. Up to 4 players can play at one time and can choose from Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Lanky Kong, Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong and Krusha.

There are two different multiplayer games in Donkey Kong 64. Monkey Smash and Battle Arena.

Monkey Smash gives the player the option of two large tactical arenas where the players are in split-screen mode and have to beat their opponents in different games.

Battle Arena is a small single-screen arena where the players will need to beat the others. But they will need to do this without falling off the stage.

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