Donkey Kong Jr. (Game)

Donkey Kong Jr.
The boxart for Donkey Kong Jr. (Game)
Developed by Nintendo
Published by Nintendo
Platform Arcade, NES
Released in Arcade
North America; 1982
Europe; 1984
Japan; August 15, 1986
North America; June, 1988
Europe; June 15, 1991
Genre Platformer

Donkey Kong Jr. is a 1982 arcade platform game manufactured by Nintendo. It was originally released as an arcade title, but would later be released on home game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System. The star of the game, Donkey Kong Junior, has to set out to rescue his father Donkey Kong who was imprisoned by Jumpman(Now known as Mario). This game is a sequel to the Donkey Kong Arcade game that featured Mario as the main protagonist and Donkey Kong as the antagonist.

[edit] Plot

Jumpman(now known as Mario), has imprison Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Jr. must save his father from Mario by putting a key or keys into all of the locks depending on the stage. Mario will try to stop Donkey Kong Jr by releasing many animals that will try and knock him off the vines and platforms. If the player can complete the fourth stage by putting all six keys into their respective locks, they will defeat Mario and make the floor disappear. Donkey Kong Jr. will catch his father Donkey Kong, while Mario plummets to the ground. He will try to chase after Donkey Kong but get sent flying before retreating.

Similar to Donkey Kong Arcade, once the player completes the fourth stage, they get taken back to the first stage on a harder difficulty.

[edit] Gameplay

Donkey Kong Jr is controlled by the player as he will have to rescue his father Donkey Kong from Mario. Similar to the original Donkey Kong game, this game is a arcade-style platform game. It has four levels, each with their own them. Donkey Kong Jr is able to move and jump and climb up vines. Some enemies seen in the game are Snapjaws or Nitpickers that are released by Mario in attempt to stop Donkey Kong Junior. The player can lose a life by touching an enemy or falling too far. Enemies are defeated by having fruit dropped on them.

At the top of every stage is Mario and Donkey Kong. Once Donkey Kong Junior has reached the top, he will chase Mario to the next stage. Once the player has completed the fourth level, a cut scene will be shown of the floor disappearing and the three characters falling to the ground. Donkey Kong Junior will catch Donkey Kong, while Mario hits the ground. After all the stages have been completed, the player restarts the game on a higher difficulty.

[edit] Stages

Donkey Kong Jr. is split up into four stages.

  • Stage One: Donkey Kong Jr. will need to climb up the vines to the top while dodging the bear traps.
  • Stage Two: Donkey Kong Jr. will have to use the platforms and chains to get to the top. He will need to avoid getting hit by the birds.
  • Stage Three: Donkey Kong Jr. will need to use an odd platform to get to the top while avoiding germ-like monsters.
  • Stage Four: Donkey Kong Jr. will need to throw the six keys into spaces at the top of the platform and avoid the birds.

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