Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.jpg
North American Boxart
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Console Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii
Release Date GameCube
Japan: November 18, 2004
Europe: Feburary 4, 2005
North America: March 14, 2005
Japan: December 11, 2008
North America: May 4, 2009
Europe: June 5, 2009
Australia: June 18, 2009
Rating E10

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a beat-based platforming game that was released on March 14, 2005 for the Nintendo Gamecube. This title utilizes the DK Bongos accessory for the original GameCube version(while the Wii version, however, uses the standard Wii Remote and Nunchuck configuration). The Wii version also adds new levels and modifications of the old levels. Donkey Kong is the only playable character, to the chagrin of many fans.


[edit] Characters

[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Animal Buddies

[edit] Worlds

[edit] Banana Kingdom

[edit] Orange Kingdom

[edit] Watermelon Kingdom

  • Monkey Fesr
  • Desert Oasis
  • Vs. [{Rogue-Hog]]

[edit] Apple Kingdom

[edit] Strawberry Kingdom

  • Helibird Nest
  • Spirit Tree
  • Vs. Mo-Hog

[edit] Pineapple Kingdom

[edit] Lemon Kingdom

[edit] Grape Kingdom

[edit] Cherry Kingdom

  • Aurora Glacier
  • Grim Volcano
  • Vs. Hard Roc

[edit] Peach Kingdom

[edit] Melon Kingdom

  • Iguanagon's Realm
  • Banshee Swamp
  • Vs. Bloat-Hog

[edit] Durian Kingdom

  • Battle for Storm Hill
  • Aerie Fortress
  • Vs. Ninja Kong

[edit] Pear Kingdom

[edit] Lychee Kingdom

[edit] Chili Pepper Kingdom

[edit] Star Fruit Kingdom

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