Donkey Kong Land 2

Donkey Kong Land 2
Donkey Kong Land 2 Coverart.jpg
North American Boxart
Developer Rareware
Publisher Nintendo
Console Game Boy
Release Dates North America: September 1, 1996
Japan: November 23, 1996
Europe: November 28, 1996
Rating E: Everyone
Mode(s) 1 Player

Donkey Kong Land 2 is a sequel to Donkey Kong Land for the Game Boy, where Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong are the only playable characters(nodding to the original sequel on the SNES). This game is the pseudo-sequel to Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and is the sequel to Donkey Kong Land and it's predecessor is Donkey Kong Land III

This Game Boy game is often mistaken as a Game Boy port of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, but this isn't shown to be true, due to the worlds, Crocodile Cauldron and Krem Quay being merged into a world called Krem Cauldron. Also the levels Castle Crush and Haunted Hall are replaced by two new levels called Dungeon Danger and Krazy Koaster and Kudgel doesn't appear in this game at all.


[edit] Plot

Kaptain K. Rool kidnaps Donkey Kong again and demands the Banana Hoard in return for his safety. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong decline this offer and head out in search of Donkey Kong on Crocodile Isle.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Kongs

[edit] Animal Buddies

[edit] Enemies

  • Click-Clack: Click-Clacks are small blue insects. The Kongs are required to jump on them twice to defeat them. After one jump, this enemy will flip over and can be picked up to be thrown at other enemies. They can flip back over after a small period of time.
  • Flitter: Flitter are blue dragonfly-like enemies found flying over large pits. They are used for being jumped on to help the Kongs jump in the air.
  • Flotsam: These enemies are the basic underwater enemies. They simply swim around trying to hit the Kongs. Enguarde can defeat them.
  • Kaboing: These Kremlings are seen jumping around on certain levels. They can be defeated by a Kong jumping on them.
  • Kannon: This enemy will hold will shoot kannonballs and barrels at the Kongs. They can be easily defeated by a jump or cartwheel.
  • Klampon: Like the Klaptrap, these enemies will move across small areas, trying to bite the Kongs. A simple jump can defeat these enemies. Attempting a cartwheel from the front, will allow the Klampon to bite the Kongs.
  • Klinger: These enemies are seen climbing on ropes or chains. Once they reach their highest point on the rope/chain, they will slide down to try and hit the Kongs. They can be defeated by the Kongs running into their sides to push them off.
  • Klobber: Klobbers will hide in barrels throughout several levels. Once a Kong approaches their barrel, they will jump out and attempt to push the Kongs off the level. Jumping on them will send them back into their barrels and the Kongs can pick up the barrel and throw it.
  • Klomp: Klomps are the basic ground enemies in the game. They can be seen walking back and forth through many levels and a jump or cartwheel will defeat them.
  • Krook: These enemies can be seen wearing large coats. They have hooks that they will use as a boomerang to try and hit the Kongs as they pass by.
  • Kruncha: Similar to Krushas, these enemies walk back and forth in levels, and if touched. they will go on a rampage and start to move faster. These enemies can only be defeated by barrel.
  • Lockjaw: Lockjaws swim through underwater areas and attack the Kongs when they approach with their teeth. They can defeated by Enguarde.
  • Mini Necky: These are small birds that hide in the corner of the screen and attack the Kongs when they are near. Being hit by these enemies, will result in losing a Kong. Jumping on them, will defeat them.
  • Neek: These enemies are small rats that walk back and forth over flat surfaces.
  • Puftup: These underwater foes sit in the water waiting for the Kongs to approach them before exploding and sending spikes out throughout the area.
  • Shuri: These starfish enemies will spiral as they head towards the Kongs. They can only be defeated by Enguarde.
  • Spiny: These spiny enemies will hurt the Kongs if they touch them at all unless the Kongs cartwheel into their face.
  • Zinger: Zingers will serve as obstacles throughout the game. Touching them will result in the Kongs being hurt unless under the effect of the Invincibility Barrel. Barrels can defeat them as well as an Animal Buddy.

[edit] Bosses

  • Krow: Krow is the first boss of the game. He will attack by throwing eggs at the Kongs. Sometimes, an egg will land on the mast below and allow the Kongs to pick it up and toss at Krow.
  • Kleaver: Kleaver is a large sword that shoots fireballs at the Kongs. Occasionally, it will shoot a barrel at them, which will contain a kannonball inside. After being hit by the kannonball, Kleaver will chase the Kongs over the large gap of fire. Kleaver will attack faster with the more hits.
  • King Zing: King Zing is a large Zinger that is fought in a hive. The player controls Squawks for this battle and has to shoot the wasp's stinger to beat him. After a few hits, King Zing will move faster and send out Zingers to attack Squawks.
  • Kreepy Krow: This enemy is the ghost of Krow. Kreepy Krow is fought in similar fashion after avoiding several Mini-Neckies. Kreepy Krow will travel higher on the stage and the Kongs will have to use the hooks and ropes to chase after him.
  • Kaptain K. Rool: Kaptain K. Rool is the final boss of the game. He will shoot kannonballs at the Kongs, with some containing spikes. He will also slide around the stage in an attempt to hit the Kongs. He will occasionally shoot barrels that will contain another kannonball that can be thrown into K. Rools cannon. This will cause his cannon to backfire and defeat him. He returns in the Lost World. His attacks are longer, faster, and more deadly. The Kongs will need to thrown kannonballs into his cannon to defeat him.

[edit] Worlds and Levels

[edit] Gangplank Galleon

[edit] Krem Cauldron

[edit] Krazy Kremland

[edit] Gloomy Gulch

[edit] K. Rool's Keep

[edit] The Flying Krock

[edit] Lost World

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