Feather Bow

Feather Bow
Tiny Kong wielding the Feather Bow
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Fires feathers in a crossbow-type fashion

The Feather Bow is Tiny Kong's official weapon, which was introduced alongside this character in Donkey Kong 64. Along with all of the available hero weapons in this game, they were constructed by Funky Kong and can be purchased from his shop, known as Funky's Armory. It is in the shape of a traditional crossbow(although it's below average size)and can fire differently-coloured feathers.

In accordance with the Kong it belongs to, it is comparably the smallest and weakest weapon in the entire game, but withholds potential outside of these factors regardless. It's rapid fire capabilities make it much easier to land enemies and keep them at bay easier than your traditional heavy weapon. To overcome particular enemies, this weapon must be used to activate Feather Switches scattered throughout the game levels. The only downside is that if you're attempting to hit a moving target from afar, it can prove to be quite difficult given that the ammo provided is so small compared to a coconut or pineapple. The upgrade which can be found and purchased for the Feather Bow is a lock-on system which tracks enemies within the weapon's built-in crosshair. This upgrade also comes with a set of darker-coloured feathers than that of the bright originals which ends up replacing them, which are more powerful and match well with the tracking capabilities.

Furthermore, the Feather Bow is not just the only Donkey Kong 64 weapon which does not use fruit/food as ammo, but a second Bow cannot be held by Tiny despite it's reasonable size to do so.

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