Frantic Factory

Frantic Factory
Tiny Kong giving chase to a pair of Krobots in Frantic Factory.
Location DK Isle
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Theme Mechanical/Haunted
Boss Mad Jack

Frantic Factory is the third world in Donkey Kong 64. It is located on King K. Rool ship, close to the top of the ship. Frantic Factory is a rogue toy factory. To enter the level, the Kongs will require 15 Golden Bananas.

Frantic Factory contains an arcade machine that allows the player to play the original Donkey Kong arcade game. It will reward Donkey Kong with two items at the cost of two coins to play (once a perfect run is achieved, of course).


[edit] Overview

Frantic Factory is a rogue toy factory that is accessed from King K. Rool's ship. The area has many areas to explore and probably one of the main focuses is to get to the room where Chunky Kong is trapped. There are three major rooms where all of the Kongs have a Golden Banana to collect.

[edit] Cranky's Lab

Cranky's Lab is next to Candy's Music Store. It is located inside the Storage Room and is just off to the left from where you find Chunky Kong. Climbing up a bunch of boxes will get the player to the Lab. Two Kremlings are walking around in this area.

[edit] Funky's Armory

Funky's Armory is somewhat hidden in Frantic Factory and can't be accessed until you explore into the level. The player must make it to the Block Room to be able to get to the Armory. The door can be reached by jumping on a block that has a piece go up.

[edit] Candy's Music Store

Candy's Music Store can be found next to Cranky's Lab. It is located inside of the Storage Room and is just off to the left from where you find Chunky Kong. Climbing up a bunch of boxes will get the player to the Lab. Two Kritters are walking around in this area.

[edit] Arcade

Inside Frantic Factory, there is a DK Arcade that can be played after Donkey Kong learns the "Strong Kong" ability from Cranky Kong to pull the lever in front of the arcade. At the cost of 2 Coins, Donkey Kong can play the original Donkey Kong. Beating 100mm will give Donkey Kong a Golden Banana. Playing and beating it the second time will give him the Nintendo Coin.

[edit] Unlockable Character

The final Kong is located in Frantic Factory. Chunky Kong can be found locked up in the Storage Room. Lanky Kong is required to set Chunky Kong free from this cage imprisonment.

[edit] Boss

Mad Jack is a large jack-in-the-box and the boss of Frantic Factory. Tiny Kong is the Kong that needs to face off against Mad Jack. Mad Jack will jump from square to square in attempts to crush Tiny Kong. When Mad Jack stops, Tiny must press a switch on the matching platform to zap Mad Jack. If it is not the same color, then Tiny will only shock herself.

After Mad Jack has been hit a few times, he will begin to hop around faster and shoot energy blasts from his eyes that create shockwaves when it hits the platform. After the fourth hit, he will turn invisible and the only way to see him is by the sparkles he leaves and his shadow. Once he is hit the fifth time, his square will fall and Mad Jack will go down with it.

[edit] Enemies

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