Furious Fire

Furious Fire
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Furious Fire level.
Location: 8-1 Volcano Location: 8-1 Volcano
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Furious Fire is the first level of the eighth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Volcano. The Char-Char enemy makes it's very first appearance in this level.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins set amidst a fiery wasteland surrounded by an ocean of lava, sentient fireball, and burning tiki heads, to name a few treacheries. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong emerge from the hidden back exit of the Factory and end up on a long pipe set amongst various metallic odds and ends left over from the previous world in order to be melted down. After making your way past a couple breakable pots and dodging your very first Char-Char, the pipe you've followed up to this point will transition into a narrow rock formation that's grown out of the lava sea. Jump up onto a safe platform that's being held up by a group of rock pillars, dodge another Char-Char, then safely land on a single, blackish-blue coloured rock platform below. Take out a Tiki Goon that's residing on this platform and then jump off of the next bare one. This will then take you to a longer rock platform offering three more Tiki Goons for you to crush!

From this point, you'll need to dodge a series of giant, fiery boulders that are constantly falling down in a straight line from above. Another safe platform will await you on the other side of this obstacle(but be wary, as there is another series of fiery boulders, this time shooting up from below, for you to watch out for), where you'll then jump down to a brief rocky surface where another Char-Char will attempt to do you in. Dodge it in order to reach your next obstacle: fiery boulders which follow a preset path(in this case, the entire outer surface of a risen rock plateau that's blocking your path). Avoid danger with your quick feet, take out the Tiki Goon in the center of this plateau, and jump off of a lower-level rock platform and onto a considerably smaller rock step(be careful while doing this though, as yet another fiery boulder following a preset path will be coasting dangerously above your head at this point).

Carefully hop across these three small rock steps and you'll reach a thick stone platform with a Tiki Torch ontop of it. Overcome this enemy while still evading another fiery boulder completing it's path above you, then take out another Tiki Goon on a higher stone platform. From here, you'll need to jump on a DK Gong platform three times, while avoiding fire from two Tiki Bombers on either side of you, in order to cause both of the platforms(in which the Tiki Bombers reside on)to explode into nothing! This then causes the lava sea to rise all around the single stone pillar in which you stand, then release a blast of pent-up energy which safely propels you to a Pig Checkpoint located high up the Volcano's rocky interior. From this point, jump across two crumbling stone platforms in order to reach a long, safe stone platform.

This platform has two thinner platforms hovering above it, one with a Tiki Bomber and another with a Tiki Goon. Two more fiery boulders will follow a fixed path through this area, so be wary of your actions! After jumping off the topmost thin platform and across a "flaming" dropoff, you'll find a shaft comprised of three, large, thick stone blocks underneath your feet. Ground Pound each one of them in order to proceed(just be careful of the fiery boulder that will be following the upcoming path completely!). After safely crossing this new area, jump across a single stone platform(containing a DK Barrel)and onto a longer stone platform containing another Tiki Torch and a Golden Statue Head overhead. A higher platform beyond this one will also carry a Tiki Torch and another Tiki Goon, dodge them both(as well as the pair of persistent fiery boulders)to move on.

Pass by a lower stone platform, as well as another Char-Char, and hop onto another stone platform(dodging another fiery boulder in the process). Jump onto a smaller platform overhead, where another insufferable Tiki Bomber awaits it's defeat, and onto an even smaller stone platform just beyond it. From here, carefully hop across three glowing-hot rock pillars and drop down onto another stone platform below. Hop up one step and Kong Roll across a wavy strip of stone, all while avoiding the fiery boulders that will cut across this area in every unpredictable direction. From here, it becomes a real maze of wavy stone platforms in varying sizes set ontop of one another in different combinations, so be sure to keep an eye out for pursuing enemies and wacky fiery boulders while making your way across this area.

After making it out of the wavy platforms, a Tiki Bomber will await you on a raised portion of stone. Evade or defeat it, then "hotfoot" it across four crumbling stone platforms set at varying heights. Safely making your way past that obstacle will bring you to the End-Level Barrel located above a platform comprised of many segments of blackish-blue rock.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Hidden behind a group of rock pillars located in front of the first safe platform found in this level. Normal
2 On top of a small, raised platform that can only be reached by going off to the right, reaching the closest platform on the same level, and then backtracking to it's location(be wary of the constant stream of fiery boulders that will be headed your way!). Hard
3 At the end of a Bonus Room that can be reached by finding the Danger Barrel hidden behind a group of rock pillars located to the left of the three breakable stone blocks. Hard
4 At the end of a series of thin, stone platforms that must be activated by the Golden Statue Head which is found at the midpoint of this level. You'll need to jump off of the last platform in order to reach this Puzzle Piece. Normal
5 Hidden behind a smaller group of rock pillars that are located at the very beginning of the maze of wavy stone platforms found at the very end of this level. Backtracking and fiery boulder-dodging will have to be done. Hard
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