Gear Getaway

Gear Getaway
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Gear Getaway level.
Location: 7-4 Factory Location: 7-4 Factory
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Gear Getaway is the fourth level of the seventh world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Factory. The level almost entirely consists of riding inside of the Rocket Barrel.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out next to a large, brick-laden building, overlooking a massive room filled with large pistons. From here, you'll need to jump across four square piston platforms constantly pushing up and down(with a couple Tiki Buzzes thrown in to keep you on your toes) as well as race through a series of six sets of pistons crushing down on one another(they are timed accordingly so that hot feet can easily avoid their pattern of movement). After getting through those, the level truly begins when you'll find a Rocket Barrel floating in an unavoidable gap before you that you'll have no choice but to jump into and charge up! From this point, two sets of pistons lined up next to each other will open up, clearing the path for you, followed by a string of bananas to tide you over until the real challenge begins.

Following a quick and hearty item pick-up, you'll have to carefully steer the Rocket Barrel through a series of oversized gears with their protruding teeth getting in your way and tempting an easy crash. Following these "oversized" gears will be a pair of gigantic gears with teeth that will temporarily box you in as you pass between them(great,steady controls are particularly needed here). Overcoming a couple more of those giant sets of gears will reward you with the first Pig Checkpoint located shortly afterwards. Following this point, pass between two large gears, four closed pairs of lined-up pistons which will immediately open up as you approach, and another pair of gigantic gears. From here, pass between another four pairs of pistons slanted in an upper-right diagonal fashion, two more large sets of gears, and then another four sets of pistons which will open up a path for you while set in a lower-right diagonal fashion.

Following a short empty clearing to help you catch your breath, you'll need to pass under two pairs of pistons located close to the ground, then another two pairs of pistons that will open up for you near the ceiling almost immediately afterwards. One more dual pair of pistons near the floor will pass you by as you come across another two large gears spinning underneath you as a gigantic gear spins slowly just above your head. Followed will be a whopping six pairs of pistons that will open up for you on slightly uneven levels(so be sure to watch yourself there)which will then clear the way for you to the second Pig Checkpoint, locating safely underneath a single gigantic gear. The next types of obstacles you'll encounter will be rectangular-shaped pistons which will randomly narrow and widen slightly on different levels as you pass through them, demanding more alertness and care from your path of travel.

After that point, pass underneath and overtop two large gears spinning solo, then swiftly and carefully avoid a rectangular piston shooting down halfway from the ceiling, and another rectangular piston shooting upwards halfway from the floor. Another rectangular piston shooting downwards and pair of large gears later, you'll need to pass through five pairs of rectangular pistons widening and narrowing on different levels. Following that tricky feat, you'll enter a massive open area where you'll find yourself passing through the teeth of the absolute largest gears you'll ever see in this level! They'll move slowly through this large area but their massive size will still require your strict attention when passing through them. Pass through five of them using the safest methods possible, then two more gigantic gears that are spaced far enough apart so as the teeth don't close you in, and you'll find the End-Level Barrel on a lone, safe platform as your Rocket Barrel runs out of fuel and hits the ground.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Concealed within the walls of a brick building to the far left at the very beginning of the level. Break open the piece of wall marked with a white target using the DK Barrel provided nearby. Easy
2 Inside of the second lamp hanging overtop of the platform at the very start of the level. Reach it by jumping off of the first single piston when it's at it's highest point. Normal
3 At the end of a Bonus Room which can be accessed with the Travel Barrel found between the first and second single piston at the very beginning of the level(it is ducking slightly out of sight). Normal
4 Appears after collecting everything that's found in the first string of items encountered right after activating the Rocket Barrel. Normal
5 Running between the teeth of the top of a set of gigantic gears. Normal
6 At the end of a line of six pairs of pistons located right before the second Pig Checkpoint is reached. Easy
7 Appears at the end of a long, wavy line of items after they are collected. They run through the series of three rectangular pistons both coming down from the ceiling and emerging from the floor. Normal
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