Gorilla Gone

Gorilla Gone
Chunky Kong standing in front of a Power Pad, which grants him a power unique to his character once stood upon after pressing a button combo
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Turning Chunky Kong invisible

Gorilla Gone, or Wheresim Gonium, is the power granted to Chunky Kong after he stands upon a Power Pad bearing the likeness of his face and can be purchased at Cranky's Lab for a cost of 7 coins. It is in the exact same shape as the musical instrument pads and can also only be activated while pressing a button/button combo after the respective character is standing directly on top of the space.

This particular Power Pad is able to make Chunky Kong temporarily invisible to everything and everyone around him in order to get the jump on fast and/or super-strong enemies that would otherwise prove to be quite difficult to defeat should they be fully aware of your presence.

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