Gorilla Grab

Gorilla Grab
Donkey Kong putting his strength to the test with Gorilla Grab
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Being able to pull sticky levers into either position

The Gorilla Grab, or Simium Strainus is Donkey Kong's Potion Move granted to him by one of Cranky Kong's specialized potions which he gives each of the five Kongs as they progress throughout the vast game of Donkey Kong 64. The potion which activates all of the invisible Power Barrels located throughout the eight levels of this game once drunk by Donkey Kong can be purchased at Cranky's Lab for a cost of 7 coins. These power-ups are much more humble and subtle than that of the Power Pad moves, granting the user things such as an extra-strong attack or extra move to add to the player's roster rather than invincibility and flight.

This Potion Move allows Donkey Kong to be able to pull levers, with relative strain, yet still succeed every time. This ability is essential for such things as solving in-level puzzles and gaining access to further areas of the level. It is also needed to play the original Donkey Kong arcade game from 1983, something that must be completed in order to attain the Rareware Coin, one of two exclusive coins needed to unlock the final boss door and fight King Krusha K. Rool.

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