Hoofer the Wildebeest

Hoofer the Wildebeest
Hoofer the wildebeast, an Animal Buddy featured in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
Species Wildebeest
First Appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Abilities Super strength
Allies Kongs
Enemies Ghastly King

Hoofer the Wildebeest is an Animal Buddy who remains exclusive to the Gamecube's Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. He supposedly replaced Rambi the rhinoceros given both their abilities and overall body shapes are well-mirrored. He is essential as far as the slippery, ice-themed levels are concerned, since his overall weight and gripping hooves provide much benefit.

His overall black colour scheme with a long, bright yellow mane running down his back and chest(as well as a set of piercing red eyes)could easily confuse this Animal Buddy with an average Animal Enemy.

[edit] Playable Level Appearances

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