Kaboom, as seen in Donkey Kong 64

Kaboom is a red Klobber wearing a TNT Barrel. They first appear in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. They make this first appearance in the Lost World and K. Rool's Keep levels. They are dangerous to touch as they will explode when they are touched and will take them self out, along with the Kong. They can be defeated by a Barrel or Crate or by being jumped on. Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong can then thrown the Kaboom and use it as a normal TNT Barrel.

Kabooms would later appear in Donkey Kong 64. They are found in Angry Aztec and Gloomy Galleon. They show up in the DK Rap in Diddy Kong's segment, and end up being blown up by Orange Grenades. They also appear in the minecart challenge in Jungle Japes. They will jump off edges and try to explode on Diddy Kong. Kabooms can be defeated by Orange Grenades, Musical Instruments, Weapons, and the shockwave, though the Kong will hurt them self. Once they chase a Kong, they have 5 seconds to catch them before they explode.

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