King of Cling

King of Cling
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in King of Cling
Location: 1-2 Jungle Location: 1-2 Jungle
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

King of Cling is the second level in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Much like the first level of the game, this level will be aiding the player in adjusting to the game's new controls.

The Kongs will venture into the level and they will come across spikes on the ground that will hurt the Kongs if touched. Above there is a Pig indicating the Kongs can grab a hold of the grass on the ceiling and climb over the spikes. This feature is used a lot in this level. After the spikes, Donkey Kong can grab the DK Barrel that contains Diddy Kong. They use the grass on the ceiling again to get pass the jumping like piranha enemies. They will need to go pass some more and a large one as well.

Once past, the Kongs will come across a wooden bridge with a Pig explaining how to do the roll attack(Shake Wii-Remote and press right or left). There is a flower in the middle of these bridges, if Donkey Kong pounds the ground, it will make a barrel appear and the Kongs can shoot off into the background where they can collect the O of KONG. Pounding the ground where the flower is in the background, will make another barrel appear and return him to where the bridges are.

Donkey Kong will then need to climb across another gap with the jumping piranha enemy and reach the checkpoint. The next area has those piranha enemies jumping out at the Kongs. They will try to hide when the Kongs are trying to climb up the walls and ceiling to make their way to the top of this area of the level. At the top of this area will be the end of target barrel and the end of the level.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Past the DK Barrel, hover-jump past the K to reveal a hidden area behind a tree. Normal
2 On the opposite side of where you found the first Puzzle Piece, there is another. Use the large wheel with the grass to get to it. Easy
3 Once near a platform that is over top of a spike pit, hover-jump to the right to reveal a hidden area behind a tree. Easy
4 Climbing to the top of the three wheels, there is a barrel to use that shoots Donkey Kong to a bonus level. Collect all Bananas and Banana Coins spinning in the air. Normal
5 Using the grass that hangs overhead, get past a Chomp and pound the Gourd to reveal a Puzzle Piece. Easy
6 Past the checkpoint, look for a gourd on an alcove to the right when climbing up. Move into the rock to reveal a hidden area. Easy
7 Before using the flower platform to get to the wheel above, move to the right through a rock to find another hidden area. Easy
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