Krossbones DK64

Krossbones DK64
Krossbones in the form of a prominent boss in Donkey Kong 64
Appeared Donkey Kong 64
Species Kremling
Home Creepy Castle
Abilities Supernatural powers
Weapon Giant, sharp claws
Allies Kremling Krew
Enemies Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, Chunky Kong

Krossbones, a regular-sized enemy who made it's first appearance in Donkey Kong 64, is also featured as an official boss residing in the Creepy Castle world. Unlike the regular enemy design, this boss version is ten times it's usual size and apparently only exposes it's hands and head in the midst of total darkness. This boss' design is an apparent throwback to the Kackle enemy featured in Donkey Kong Country 2.

[edit] Donkey Kong 64

The Krossbones boss is fought around the very beginning of the Creepy Castle level and can only be fought by Donkey Kong, since his Gorilla Grab move is required to pull four sticky levers outside of a giant wooden door leading to the inevitable battle that awaits him inside. From there, Donkey Kong enters a standard minecart and is greeted by Squawks. The stage for this boss battle is on-rails(obviously)in a massive haunted mine. It starts off as your average minecart challenge as was previously endured through Diddy Kong and Chunky Kong, only the haunted theme provides extra dangers. Prior to encountering Krossbones in the mine, you enter a series of tunnels(labeled by large doors embroidered with a white skull)containing damaging pop-up tombstones inbetween the bottomless shaft sections of this stage. Not too long after, Krossbones appears and proceeds to attack!

His attack pattern mainly consists of punching and swiping at the rail set you're riding on, whereas the player can dodge to the parellel set of tracks available. This process is reversed and repeated multiple times before the secod stage of the match is reached. At this point, a third track has been added and Krossbones begins to spit out sets of three flameballs in the shape of demonic skulls at you, which can be dodged with the right timing.

This particular boss is the most unique as he doesn't have to be attacked a certain number of times in order to be defeated. It is mainly a challenge of endurance as you have to simply last throughout the entire perilous minecart ride and you'll be rewarded a Golden Banana at the very end, among Squawks' congratulation.

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