Mad Jack

Mad Jack
Mad Jack
Location Frantic Factory
Species Jack-in-the-Box
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64

Mad Jack is the third boss encountered in Donkey Kong 64. He is a large jack-in-the-box. Tiny Kong will be required to face Mad Jack in Frantic Factory. When she enters the room. it is a pitch-black room with several glowing squares on the ground. When she steps on one of them, they will all rise into the air and Mad Jack will appear from a large box that falls out of the toy rejection chute.

His first attacks will be him re-entering his box and hoping square to square to try and crush Tiny who is jumping to other squares to avoid Mad Jack. He will pop out of his box and start throwing fireballs at Tiny, she will need to press a switch on a nearby square that matches the color of the square that Mad Jack is standing on. If she hits the wrong color, she will be electrocuted. After damaging him multiple times, he will hop around faster and shoot energy blasts that create shock-waves. He will also turn invisible after taking four hits. Tiny will have to follow where the sparkles are, as that will indicate where Mad Jack is. Once he is electrocuted again, his square will collapse and he will fall humorously to the floor below and get destroyed.

[edit] Trivia

  • Mad Jack has two other names because of Player Guides. One is Quack in the Box and the other is Junk in the Box.
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