Mangrove Cove

Mangrove Cove is the first level in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is in the world, Lost Mangroves.


[edit] KONG Letters

  • To obtain the K letter, head right immediately after exiting the water. Defeat the Dodo enemies that you encounter, then jump on to the plants above your head and retrieve the K from the sky.
  • To obtain the O letter, head to the two boards after the mechanical room. Use Donkey Kong's roll and jump technique, possibly with the assistance of Diddy Kong's jetpack, to retrieve the O directly underneath the two trees. Watch out for the Turtle above.
  • To obtain the N letter, go to the left when in the diamond position of Barrel Cannons in the giant tree section of the level.
  • To obtain the G letter, launch the first Helmet Penguin you encounter towards the target on your left. This will spin the platform around, allowing you to jump over and obtain the final KONG letter.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

  • When you enter the first major body of water, simply begin swimming to your left. The first puzzle piece is behind a broken piece of the crashed airplane.
  • After breaking the stone platforms and emptying the sand dune, jump on top of the man-eating plant and ride it to its maximum height. Jump to the swinging platform on the left, and continue to jump to the Item Plant. Using Donkey's slam attack on the item plant reveals the second puzzle piece.
  • Continue right past the first man-eating plant you encounter, and you'll find a pull switch. Pull it to open the path to a platform above, where another switch must be pulled. Pulling the third switch unveils a Flying Banana, which, after collecting all of its dropped bananas, will drop a puzzle piece.
  • After finding the first checkpoint, pull the switch that you roll into. This opens the path to a large, metallic room. Smash the platform below the man-eating plant, and continue to jump up to obtain the fourth puzzle piece.
  • When Diddy Kong is obtained after getting the fourth puzzle piece, go back to your left until the man-eating plant falls. Jump on top of its head and float over to the platform on the left after the plant reaches its maximum height. This reveals the fifth puzzle piece.
  • After unveiling the giant tree, jump into the second barrel cannon and shoot as the sixth puzzle piece lines itself up with the third barrel.
  • To get the seventh puzzle piece, break all of the boxes immediately following the invasion of the Viking Penguins. On the right side, you will find a platform. Collect all of the banana bunches that are thrown at you by the pigs to obtain the puzzle piece. Failure to collect all of them results in failure music playing, not allowing you to obtain this puzzle piece without replaying the level.
  • The eighth puzzle piece is located near the G letter. Jump left and up from the same platform as the letter, then continue to head left to access a Challenge Barrel. Completing this Challenge Barrel gives you the eighth piece.
  • Before hitting the Goal Barrel at the end of the level, continue to the right to find an extra area of spiky vines. Fly over them using Diddy's jetpack, and pull the switch to unlock the ninth and final puzzle piece.

[edit] Secrets

  • From the beginning of the level, roll into the airplane behind Donkey Kong. This will lead you to a room with a 1-Up Balloon.
  • After obtaining the K letter, jump over the next stone platform, and break the two subsequent stones using a ground pound. This will destroy them, and lead Donkey Kong to a major banana horde.
  • In the area with the O letter after the mechanical room, bounce on the second platform to collect the circling bananas above. When you do so, a Banana Bunch appears, free to obtain.
  • To locate the banana jackpot, see the guide to obtaining the seventh puzzle piece.

[edit] Challenge Barrel

Mangrove Cove's Challenge Barrel unlocks the eighth puzzle piece in the level. To complete it, you must jump on five moving platforms to collect bananas and banana bunches in a time span of thirty seconds. After obtaining all 100 bananas, the player will be rewarded with the eighth puzzle piece, one Banana Coin, and a 1-Up Balloon.

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