Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo DS
Release Date(s) North America: September 25, 2006
Japan: April 12, 2007
Europe: March 9, 2007
Australia: January 18, 2007
Genre Puzzle
Rating ERSB: E

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis is the sequel to Mario vs. Donkey Kong which was released on the Nintendo DS in 2007. This game is more of a puzzle game that lets the player control several Mini-Marios bu using the touch screen instead of Mario. It would feature the return of Pauline, who made her last appearance in the 1994 Donkey Kong game released on the Nintendo Game Boy.

[edit] Plot

The game begins with a commercial talking about the Super Mini Mario World Theme Park that is an amusement park about the Mini-Marios, Mini-Peaches, Mini-Toads, and Mini-Donkey Kongs. It then shows a crowd of Toads watching Pauline and Mario cutting the ribbon to open the amusement park. Donkey Kong is seen in the crowd, and he falls in love with Pauline. He gives her a Mini Donkey Kong, but Mario hands out a Mini Mario. Pauline chooses the Mini Mario, so Donkey Kong is heart broken and breaks the sales post of Mini Marios, as well as crushing one. Donkey Kong then heads for the elevator and grabs Pauline along the way. Mario would try to get to the elevator but get there late as Donkey Kong brings Pauline to the roof of the building. Mario is confused on what to do until 2 Mini Marios offer to help him.

[edit] Gameplay

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis takes a different path from the original Mario vs. Donkey Kong in terms of controls. Instead of using the D-Pad, players will use the touch screen to control the Mini-Marios. To move the Mini-Marios, the player will use the stylus to turn a Mini Mario's direction to move them. Swiping up will make them enter a pipe, climb ladders, or just make them jump. Moving the stylus from left to right will make them move in that direction and swiping down will make them enter a pipe that is beneath their feet. Tapping once will make them stop. The D-Pad and face buttons are used for moving the camera and on DK stages, pressing L or R will make a line appear to show a path that the launched Mini-Mario has to take. The timer in each level will not start until a player moves a block or taps on Mini-Mario. But the player is allowed to move elevators, change pipe directions or conveyor belts, and just take a look at the level without starting the timer.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis contains 8 worlds with 9 levels per word and a DK stage. There is also the Roof level that contains the final DK stage, and the Basement, which contains two more boss stages that can be accessed by earning 40 Silver Stars and 40 Gold Stars. Once a chain of Mini-Marios has entered the door at the end, a combo will appear. If it shows 1,000, it means the player got first. The player can also earn a combination of three bonuses: All Minis(All Mini-Marios made it to the end), Perfect Chain(No break between the Mini-Marios entering the door), and Nonstop(No Mini-Mario was stopped by the stylus). A player can also earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal and a Star.

Each level will have cards and coins to collect. Collecting all nine cards on a floor, will spell MINIMARIO and unlock that floor's mini-game. The mini-game will involve having to tap the Shy Guys that come out of the pipes while avoiding the Bob-Ombs that pop out of the pipes. Coins will come in two types: small and large. A small coin is worth 50 points, while a large one is worth 500. These coins will help with the players score at the end of each level.

DK Stages play out differently from the main game. In each of these stages, the bottom screen will show a cannon that is loaded with a Mini-Mario and a belt that the cannon moves on. There will be a button that is labeled "Shoot" that the player will need to tap to fire the Mini-Mario. The top screen will show how many hits are left which is determined on how many Mini-Marios the player led through the door throughout each level of a world. Donkey Kong's movements will vary with each stage, in some he will appear at one of the three locations. While in others, he will be on a swinging platform that can kill a Mini-Mario if they collide with it. World 8's DK Stage will have him moving between vines and once a player has hit Donkey Kong 6 times, the stage will end and the score will be tallied up with a 100 points for every second remaining and 1000 points for each Mini-Mario still alive.

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