Mast Blast

Mast Blast
Mast Blast.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Mast Blast level.
Location: 3-3 Ruins Location: 3-3 Ruins
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Mast Blast is the third level featured in the third world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Ruins.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out on a small temple platform nestled into the side of a large, viney tree. To the far right is where you'll find the first Travel Barrel which will take you further into the background onto a long, sloped stone platform and right in the path of a Tiki Torch. Slide down it, defeat two Tiki Goons on separate, segmented stone platforms and you'll reach the second Travel Barrel a little further ahead. This barrel will launch you even further into the background onto another long, sloping stone platform that leads to more another Tiki Torch and a line of Bananas on the way down(beware of a Tiki Goon that is conveniently located at the half point on the way down). The next Travel Barrel that you reach will blast you closer to the foreground and down another light stone slope, collect more Bananas and watch out for the occasional drop offs in between. A Launch Barrel will be waiting for you at the end of this stretch, blasting you even further into the background than last time! Slide down the small, single stone slope and reach the Travel Barrel that will blast you onto a stretch of beach and directly in front of a Pig Checkpoint.

This stretch of beach shore is unsurprisingly infested with Snaps' and Pinchleys, but that's nothing compared to the mean pirate ship not too far off the coast which is firing bomb after deadly, skull-crossed bombs at you! They descend quite slowly and are easy to spot as long as you're paying attention, so it shouldn't be any issue. A new item introduced in this level is the Danger Crate, which is simply an explosive crate that explodes on contact and harms you should you attempt to destroy it with a Ground Pound. After walking a little ways and dodging the consistent explosive barrage, you'll come across two long, stacked Danger Crates which block a Travel Barrel underneath them. To reach it, you must stand in place on the very top of these crates for a short amount of time in order to lure two separate bombs onto them, exploding them while you wait at a safe distance. Once inside, the barrel will blast you straight into the right-side hull of the enemy ship.

Inside the ship is a narrow passageway and the ground is slightly sloped to the left. There will be a fair amount of bright red, metal grates in your way which you can bust out of your way using a simple Roll or Cartwheel(these grates can also be cleverly used as platforms to help you reach high platforms in certain locations). In these confined spaces will be various enemies and items which could seemingly come out of nowhere, so be on your toes! Once the upper level inside the ship is reached, you'll find a row of cannons near portholes, which can be Ground Pounded near in order to activate them and make a surprise item pop out. Watch out for the loose cannonballs rolling towards you in a steady stream from up on deck! Once on the deck, you'll end up busting a tall, thick mast in two after busting open the next grate you see! From this point, you'll spot two more unfriendly-looking pirate ships in the distance, but the Pig Checkpoint that will come up immediately afterwards should provide you with necessary assurance. At the very end of the stern will be a Travel Barrel which will blast you onto the second ship.

Upon landing, you'll end up comically smashing a rather large-looking Pinchley. After busting through a wooden barrier, you'll find that the constant, deadly cannonfire has started up again and you will most likely have to reach the top of this ship's rather tall mast in order to reach the third enemy ship. Necessary assistance will be provided for this task though, such as Cling Grass, Launch Barrels, Travel Barrels, and seesaw platforms that tip under your weight, allowing you to slope to hard-to-reach areas. After reaching the highest and last seesaw platform, a cannonball will immediately hit the skinny wooden pole that's guarded you, breaking it slightly in order to make it tip significantly to the right and allow a swinging platform to be within properly-timed jumping distance. Right off of the second, longer swinging platform will be the very first vine/rope featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns' levels so far, with a Banana Coin placed conveniently at the very bottom of it. Grab onto the rope and time your jump off of the highest point of it to the left in order to safely reach another Travel Barrel.

This barrel will blast you into a Launch Barrel which will then proceed to blast you into a second at the very tip top of this ship's mast. From there, the entire wooden shaft will break partways and tip you halfway as you remain inside the barrel. It will launch you onto the third and last pirate ship, where you will land dead center in the interior of the ship's crow's nest. The force of your immense landing will shatter the entire hull of the vessel, with only you and the platform you stand on remaining. The large wooden pole will bob and sink into the water, leaving you floating raft-style in your makeshift platform where the End-Level Barrel will appear directly above your head.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 In some dandelion puffs on a small platform after the second Travel Barrel of the level, to the very left Normal
2 On the very bottom crate on a stack of three crates to the very left of the stretch of beach that you'll reach. Go there immediately after the Pig Checkpoint! Hard
3 Underneath a long, breakable crate shortly after the first Pig Checkpoint a ways to the right Easy
4 On the bottommost deck of the second pirate ship. Have the cannonballs blast two Danger Crates out of the way. Drop down into the bonus area that's revealed and pick up the Puzzle Piece at the end Normal
5 On the very end of the second pirate ship's bow Hard
6 On the very end of the second pirate ship's stern Hard
7 In a Danger Crate on the second highest wooden platform located on the second pirate ship's mast Normal
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