Lanky Kong taking it all up on his palms with Orangstand
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Being able to walk on one's hands

The Orangstand, or Palmus Walkum is Lanky Kong's Potion Move granted to him by one of Cranky Kong's specialized potions which he gives each of the five Kongs as they progress throughout the vast game of Donkey Kong 64. These power-ups are much more humble and subtle than that of the Power Pad moves, granting the user things such as an extra-strong attack or extra move to add to the player's roster rather than invincibility and flight. The cost to get this potion is 3 coins.

This Potion Move allows Lanky Kong to truly flaunt his natural flexibility and gymnast-grade skills by walking only on the palms of his hands without even breaking a sweat or losing a single breath. The advantage to this move is a slight increase in walking speed and Lanky Kong is even able to conquer light slopes that him or any other Kong on foot wouldn't have been able to overcome.

This particular move is an obvious throwback to Banjo Kazooie regarding Kazooie's ability to emerge from Banjos backpack and take up walking on her bird feet, slightly increasing the average walking speed and being able to walk up steep and/or slippery slopes.

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