Pauline as she appeared on the cover art of Donkey Kong Arcade
First Appearance Donkey Kong Arcade
Further Appearances Daisy in Super Mario Bros.
Species Human
Ability N/A

Pauline(later known as Daisy, followed by Peach), is Jumpman(Mario)'s abducted damsel-in-distress girlfriend in Donkey Kong Arcade. She has been kidnapped by the dangerous gorilla known as Donkey Kong and it is up to Jumpman to rescue her from him. This particular sub-character(at the time)is a precursor to the main plot of every installment of the Super Mario Bros. series, which will remain solid for decades to come. She is a young, curvaceous woman with long blond hair and wearing a red dress. This is where Pauline mostly resembles Princess Peach(which is most likely where the overall name and design was born later on).

[edit] Donkey Kong Arcade

Pauline literally plays no other role in this arcade classic other than to stand as a prominent goal for Jumpman to pursue at the top of each structure in all four stages featured in this game. When Jumpman eventually reaches her at the top of a structure, they stare longingly into each other while a pink heart appears symbolically between them. Shortly afterwards, Donkey Kong stages her up and proceeds to higher ground, laughing the whole time.

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