Peanut Popgun

Peanut Popgun
Diddy firing one of his Peanut Popguns in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Last Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Abilities Dual set of wooden pistols capable of firing peanuts in rapid succession

The Peanut Popguns are Diddy Kong's exclusive food/fruit-based weapons which were first introduced in Donkey Kong 64. In this installment, such a weapon could only be purchased at Funky's Armory for a certain amount of Banana Coins so long as you are playing the game as Diddy. They are constructed out of two reeds of bamboo with extra wood added for handles. In Donkey Kong 64, besides being used to defeat faraway or crowds of enemies, this weapon set was essential for hitting Banana Balloons and Peanut Switches. As with the Coconut Gun, upgrades can be made to the Peanut Popguns throughout your progress, such as the homing ammo which can be acquired in the Fungi Forest level. As an added bonus, Diddy's weapon set is also fully functional while using his Jetpack in the game.

Diddy using his Jetpack paired with his Peanut Popguns as part of his Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Peanut Popguns have also made a prominent appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as Diddy's standalone B-button attack, where he'll fire one peanut from one pistol with each repeated use of this button. A comical feature that was added is if you hold down the B button, charging the shot for too long, the gun will eventually backfire and explode in Diddy's face. The meat that occasionally breaks out of the peanut shell, should a shot miss and hit the ground, can be eaten by any character on the field thus lowering their damage.

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