Pinchin' Pirates

Pinchin' Pirates
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong facing off against the Scurvy Crew in Pinchin' Pirates.
Location: 2-B Beach Location: 2-B Beach
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Hits to Victory 12

Pinchin' Pirates is the ninth level of the second world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Beach. This is the boss level, where there are absolutely no K-O-N-G icons or Puzzle Pieces to collect.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins on a long, wooden pier(with pirate flags depicting skeletal crabs and claws as well as the hull of a broken-down pirate ship in the background which can be seen). Walking a short ways(and picking up the available DK Barrel, if you need it), you'll quickly transition into a cutscene depicting Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong reaching the end of the pier, discovering three colourful, pirate crabs feasting on DK's stolen Banana Hoard(known as the Scurvy Crew)! Just when they're about to leap into action, our simian heroes notice the Maraca Triplets, the Beach world's area Tiki boss, emerge from a busted crow's nest, where they immediately hypnotize the pirate crab trio. DK pounds his chest in preparation as the Scurvy Crew burrows into the sand and the fight begins!

The first pattern of the Scurvy Crew's attack will involve sending out one of the three crab members at a time, emerging from the sand and slowly stalking all the way from one side of the stage to the other(the first being the yellow crab with the dining fork claw on the far-right side). In order to inflict damage, you must make contact with the enemy either by jumping on top of it's head or Kong Rolling into the side of it's body(depending on where it's claws are positioned at the time). This will then cause the crab to become stunned and it will stop dead in it's tracks, giving you the opportunity to Ground Pound near it, causing the confused crustacean to lose it's footing and fall upside-down into the sand, it's underside sticking out into the air. From there, it's just a simple matter of jumping on top of this newly-exposed bodily region to inflict damage. After successfully landing a hit on the yellow crab, it will quickly burrow back into the sand and the blue crab with a sword for a claw will emerge from below in it's place.

This next crab will show up on the far-left side of the stage this time. Simply repeat the attack pattern previously executed and you will send this blue menace back into the sand as well. The final crab to show up will be the red one with a hook for a claw(emerging from the far-right side). Once again repeat the attack pattern to be rid of this third and final crab. After the final crab retreats into the sand, the red crab will suddenly pop up from below on the far-left side, followed by the yellow crab directly underneath it, followed by the blue crab directly underneath that one, stacked up one after the other like a totem pole! After they've all fully emerged, they will proceed to stalk towards you to the right of the stage. In order to inflict damage at this point, you can either jump on top of the red crab's head(reaching it by jumping off of a high, wooden platform located on either end of the stage)or Kong Roll into the blue crab while their arms are raised, leaving them exposed.

Either method will cause this "crab totem" to completely break apart, sending all three members of the Scurvy Crew upside down into the sand next to one another, undersides exposed. It's here that you'll have to be quick in order to jump on top of each crab while they're in this state, counting as a single hit for each(being too slow will cost you 1-3 possible hits as the Scurvy Crew will quickly bury back into the sand). At this point, the boss enemy's attack pattern will repeat, with the only difference being that each member of the Scurvy Crew is moving twice as fast as they were previously. After getting in six more successful hits, the pirate-crab trio will emerge from the sandy shore beneath your feet, battered and exhausted, then faint into a vengeful heap on top of one another. The Maraca Triplets will then emerge from their recent victims, equally dazed, leaving them open for DK/Diddy to bash them into the next Universe!

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