Platform Panic

Platform Panic
Platform panic.jpg
The beginning checkpoint of the Platform Panic level.
Location: 1-K Jungle Location: 1-K Jungle
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Platform Panic is the first special temple level featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Reaching the end will grant you one of the eight colored spheres that are required to unlock the Golden Temple level. To unlock this temple level, the player will need to collect all of the KONG letters in each level in World 1.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

Platform Panic is the easiest level of the temples in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will have to cross the platforms quickly before they disappear. They will only appear when the Kongs are close. The Kongs will also have bounce off of Tiki Goons and Tiki Zings in some parts of the level to continue on. Once they have reached the barrel, they will be able to collect the first colored spheres.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 After the first few platforms, the player will come across a Tiki Doom. They will need to jump on the Tiki Doom and then to a Tiki Goon to get up to the Tiki Buzzes, where the Puzzle between is the second and third. Hard
2 Once at the alcove, Ground Pound at the container for a Puzzle Piece. Easy
3 This one will be underneath another platform. Jumping on the platform will make it fall away after a few seconds. The player will need to wait on the first platform as it drops, then jump to the shorter platform to collect the next. Hard
4 Will be above a tire. The player will need to use the tire to collect the Puzzle Piece quickly before the platform disappears and bounce on the tire to get across the spiky platform. Hard
5 Similar to Puzzle Piece #4, the Kongs will need to use the tire to collect this Piece but there will be three Tiki Buzzes near it. They will use one Tiki Buzz to collect the piece and the other two to continue on with the level. Normal
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