Power Barrel

Power Barrel
Lanky Power BarrelDK64.jpg
A usable Power Barrel in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Location Scattered throughout the entire game of Donkey Kong 64
Features Granting each Kong a special ability

The Power Barrel is an exclusive Donkey Kong 64 item and made a wonderful change to the world of Donkey Kong video games from that point on. They are a special type of medium-sized, hovering barrel which come in five different types, with each one belonging to and only working on a specific Kong as indicated by the face displayed on the barrel's front.

The powers that the Power Barrels bestowed upon Donkey Kong 64's characters included super speed, flight, super strength, stealth, and imperiousness. They always serve a specific purpose in each of this game's eight levels and always show up in the precise location in which they're needed. On some occasions, certain Power Barrels are purposely placed a fair ways away from the exact spot in which they must be used, lending the player a reasonable challenge by way of a countdown timer.

The five individual Power Barrel powers and which Kong they belong to are as follows:

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