Prehistoric Path

Prehistoric Path
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Prehistoric Path level.
Location: 6-2 Cliff Location: 6-2 Cliff
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Prehistoric Path is the second level of the sixth world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Cliff. Almost all of this level is spent riding inside of a single mine cart.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level begins underneath a similar rocky overhang seen in the previous level, complete with oozing tar bubbling out of the ground and noticeable vegetation is seen hanging from the craggy surfaces around you. Walk across these tar pits, taking out any Skellirex you may meet along the way, and hope into a Travel Barrel that you'll run into at the end of this path. It will send you crashing through a wooden blockade and into an active minecart waiting upon a rickety, weathered set of tracks. Soon after landing, you'll fall straight into a nosedive(sailing past a straight line of Bananas)and off of a dropoff, with the built-up force sending you far enough onto the safety of a straight set of track set deep within a seemingly endless pool of brownish-black tar. This will be the first of a series of broken tracks that will slowly descend deeper into the pool of tar the longer you are riding it's surface, forcing you to have precise timing for your jumps from track to track.

After jumping across two broken-off pieces of single track, you'll run along a straight line of track that runs underneath a section of wall embedded with spikes on the bottom(and two curious, oversized eggs sitting comfortably on top). After jumping off of this track(which you must do carefully since you have to both dodge the entire row of overhead spikes as well as keep track of how far you're sinking into the tar!), you'll find yourself traveling across a long piece of broken-off cliff rock(which doesn't sink into the tar after landing)inhabited by three Skellirexes humorously riding their own minecarts. Dodge or destroy each one of these enemies and hop onto more sinking tracks, this time needing to duck underneath two separated, egg-laden spike walls while dodging oncoming Skellirexes along the way! You'll then come up to a gap that you'll only be able to jump over by utilizing the Tiki Buzz conveniently hovering in your path. Once you've safely landed, you'll find yourself riding through a brief bit of solid track that shortly climbs up and under a spike wall.

Avoid it and then swiftly bounce off of three hovering Tiki Buzzes hovering over a long, continuous gap over the sea of tar(performing a "High Bounce" off of the third enemy in order to gain the extra height needed to clear a large, spearhead-shaped rock structure in your way), followed by a large Tiki Buzz that will allow you to reach a solid piece of track that will break away from it's foundation and seriously tilt towards the left, forcing you to sharply climb it's face. Clearing this will lead you to a similar solid track that will collapse and tilt to the right, crashing into a bare piece of rock facing upwards, which will also collapse flat into the tar pool. Use this new platform to jump out and off of another oversized Tiki Buzz's head, reaching a long, solid track that will crack down the middle once landed on, with the former half sinking to the left and the latter half collapsing to the right, which will carry you onto a new piece of track not supported by cliff rock or sitting in the tar pool! It is here that you'll pass under a well-deserved Pig Checkpoint.

After ducking under the overhead spike bed that will await you underneath this checkpoint(assuming you weren't abruptly distracted), you'll need to quickly jump over a gap and onto a solid, suspended track that will slightly climb up and underneath another spike bed, where you'll need to bounce off of three Tiki Buzz's heads(both normal and oversized)in order to clear a large gap followed afterwards and nto more track. After reaching a two-tiered track, you'll need to jump up and off of a large Tiki Buzz(whether coming from the higher or lower platform)in order to reach a large, broken-off piece of cliff with track laden on it's surface and large, fossilized sea creatures embedded in it's face. This track will be sharply tilting to the left when you land on it, sending a minecart-wrangling Skellirex barreling towards you, then will tilt all the way to the right after you clear it's surface. With the right timing, jump over an oncoming gap and then onto another, thinner piece of solid, tilting track that will once again crack in the middle upon landing(the difference with this one being the small spike bed overhanging near it's mid-section).

As the smaller, broken half of this platform begins to topple to the right, quickly jump onto it as it's facing flat in order to safely reach a long, solid track that will suddenly break into three pieces shortly after you begin riding it through. Dodge the appropriate enemies, jagged gaps and overhanging spike beds along the way in order to climb another piece of shallow, solid track and underneath an egg-leaden spike bed. After dropping off of this track, you'll land on a giant, blue-speckled egg that will immediately split in half after you've landed on it and begin rolling out of control(similar to the twisted piece of minecart track in the Bombs Away level). As the egg rolls along, rows of Bananas and single Tiki Buzzes will show up in your way before you run over a giant dinosaur tooth sticking out of the ground, which will make a giant puncture hole in the brittle egg shell, forcing you to jump inside of it through this new damage mark in order to avoid hitting a similar dinosaur tooth blocking your current point of travel on top of the egg.

While carefully maneuvering yourself in this crumbling mode of transportation, another pair of dinosaur teeth will appear in your path, busting a second piece of the egg apart and forcing your utmost concentration! As you travel along more solid, flat rock, a group of three more consecutive dinosaur teeth will show up, forming another large hole in your terribly battered eggshell, causing you to jump nearly every half-second. This torture, won't last long, however, as yet another dinosaur tooth overhead will provide the final bit of damage to this oversized egg remnant that will finally cause it to break apart into nothing, just in time for you to reach seven pieces of severed track held together by weak wooden planks that will break apart as soon as you land on each track piece. After bouncing across these obstacles, you'll land on a final piece of rugged, mangled minecart track that will ultimately stop your ride in it's tracks and hurl you out of it and onto a safe, rocky plateau where the End-Level Barrel awaits you.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 Found at the end of a Bonus Room located directly underneath the very beginning of the minecart track, hidden by a wooden plank wall. Normal
2 Slyly hidden within a large, overhanging spike bed encountered right before jumping off of Tiki Buzzes in order to clear large gaps for the very first time. Hard
3 Hovering high up in the air, just after the jump off of the highest track located in the two-tiered set of minecart tracks. Normal
4 Found hovering over a gap while riding inside of the rolling, broken eggshell(just after a second hole has been broken into it). Easy
5 Inside of a breakable cactus found the right of the End-Level Barrel Easy
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