Primate Punch

Primate Punch
Chunky Kong delivering some serious punishment with Primate Punch
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Incredibly-enhanced strength

The Primate Punch or the Sandwichium Knucklus is Chunky Kong's Potion Move granted to him by one of Cranky Kong's specialized potions which he gives each of the five Kongs as they progress throughout the vast game of Donkey Kong 64. These power-ups are much more humble and subtle than that of the Power Pad moves, granting the user things such as an extra-strong attack or extra move to add to the player's roster rather than invincibility and flight.

This Potion Move allows Chunky Kong to wield a literal "iron fist", being able to deal out strength that even he himself wasn't aware of being a personal ability. As the name suggests, this move is a nice, wound-up punch that has the ability to break down steel grate doors/walls as well as instantly KO pesky enemies that would normally require two or more. This personal ability once again criticizes Chunky's naturally timid and sometimes cowardly nature.

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