Location Gloomy Galleon
Species Puftup
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64

Puftoss is the fourth boss of Donkey Kong 64. He is the boss of Gloomy Galleon. He is a giant Puftup, which is a type of blowfish. Lanky Kong is required to face Puftoss. Lanky Kong will be in a small coconut boat.

Puftoss cannot be harmed by Lanky directly: instead, Lanky Kong will need to drive around the area, going through several DK Logos that will make large poles rise out of the water. After four poles appear, they will electrocute and damage Puftoss. Puftoss will try and prevent this by shooting fireballs at Lanky, creating shock-waves or send smaller Puftups after him. After being electrocuted a few times, he will deflate like a balloon and fly into the air before falling into the water and disappearing. He will leave the fourth Boss Key to K. Lumsy's cage which Lanky will have to drive to get.

Note: The more times Puftoss gets electrocuted, the smaller the DK Logos get. As well, the time will be shorten each time.

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