Slammin' Steel

Slammin' Steel
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning in the Slammin' Steel level.
Location: 7-2 Factory Location: 7-2 Factory
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Slammin' Steel is the second level of the seventh world of Donkey Kong Country Returns: Factory. This level introduces the Buckbot and Electroid enemies.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out in a dank, pipe-lined, brick-built area that has drastically worn down over time. As you move along, you'll encounter the very first in-game Buckbot, where defeating it will lead you to a large piston constantly hammering down on an isolated platform. After timing is used to overcome that obstacle, you'll immediately meet a new one: a red-coloured conveyor belt moving in either the left or right direction that is purposely moving you away from an Electroid, lengthening and shortening vertically in your path. After utilizing an alert sense of timing, you'll reach a higher-elevated conveyer belt right after, which will push you directly into another deadly piston coming straight down onto the belt. You'll later reach a solid platform with a piston set in the middle, moving in an upwards direction. Time your jump across it and destroy a sneaky Buckbot waiting on the other side.

From here, you'll have to jump onto a platform with two dangerous pistons attached, one crushing down and the other crushing up, and safely time your path across them(while utilizing the handy gap set inbetween them). At this point on, there'll be a series of conveyor belts in varying sizes with Elecroids set between them, stretching out in vertical directions. After those obstacles have been surpassed, get rid of another Buckbot making home to a small conveyor belt and jump over to another, considerably longer conveyor belt with two Electroids on it permanently stretched out horizontally, moving up and down in a synchronized pattern. Due to there being three reasonable gaps inbetween this obstacle, it's fairly simple to overcome. Afterwards, a small, square-shaped platform will invite you to a series of three pistons crushing downwards onto three isolated platforms(and since the time inbetween each of these pistons' cycle is well spaced apart, getting past this treacherous feat is quite easy to one who's paying attention). Afterwards, a Pig Checkpoint will await you.

Passing the previous point will then take you to an isolated conveyor belt patch, with an invading piston crushing down onto it. Followed is another piston thrusting upwards followed by another isolated conveyor belt and downwards piston. After overcoming such treachery, a DK Barrel will await you on a small, steel platform. Take out yet another Buckbot inhabiting a conveyor belt and you'll meet one of the hugest obstacles in the level: an enormous steel shaft that crushes you from above! The only way to get the jump on this massive obstacle is to utilize the convenient gaps built into this steel shaft when it's about to come on top of you and be as fast as you possibly can! A few gaps later and you'll reach a section full of more conveyor belt platforms wrought with bothersome Electroids. A second steel shaft will await you afterwards, only moving in the opposite upwards direction and containing an array of electrolyzed death pits set between all of the usual safe gaps. A Pig Checkpoint is your reward for successfully persevering this obstacle.

Following this will be a rather long conveyor belt with two more Electroids on it, which are positioned vertically, move from left to right on top of the platform, and dissipate the energy generated inbetween it's two energy balls in sequence, allowing you the opportunity to safely and effectively avoid it. From here, jump onto a smaller, elevated conveyor belt that will hoist you up to the final section of the level. This final section consists of long, skinny pistons emerging from either the left or right side of the wall and swifty crushing it's opposite side. These obstacles will most literally be everywhere in this final stretch, with solid platforms and a single bouncing tire to help you along the way. The End-Level Barrel will be found on an isolated platform located at the very top of all the chaos.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 On top of a platform situated right above a piston crushing upwards. Use the conveyor belt platform to the very left of it in order to reach it. Normal
2 Inside of a breakable light-bulb, situated on the rightmost isolated platform hovering above the long conveyor belt carrying the two horizontal Electroids. Normal
3 In a hidden area located to the bottom-right, near a small horde of Bananas. Hard
4 At the end of a Bonus Room located underneath a breakable section of platform set underneath the first steel shaft. Hard
5 On top of a boxed-off platform located on the left side, next to another boxed-off platform containing a piece of Heart Health. Easy
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