Sloppy Sands

Sloppy Sands
Sloppy Sands.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of Sloppy Sands.
Location: 2-2 Beach Location: 2-2 Beach
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Sloppy Sands is the second level featured in the Beach world in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

The level starts off on another section of the beach. Set in this section of the beach, the Kongs will travel by huts that are built over the sea in the background. To the left of the start, the Kongs will see a Puzzle Piece behind a board. To break the board, the Kongs will need to find a barrel to throw at it to open. Donkey Kong will need to Ground Pound the barrels to make another set appear to be able to jump up to the higher platform. Passing by a couple of Snaps, the Kongs will come into contact with a new enemy called Squidlies, that can be defeated by being jumped on. From here, Donkey Kong can Ground Pound a set of three barrels, to make another set of three appear, giving out a Heart, Banana Bunch, and a Puzzle Piece. Setting off the cannon will cause it to shoot a pole down with a treasure on top, that will fall onto a Pinchley and reveal three Banana Coins.

Moving on, Donkey Kong will come into contact with more Squidlies and also be introduced to Electrasquids, an upgraded version of a Squidley. Opening the treasure chest where the Electrasquids are, will reveal an Extra Life Balloon. On the next platform, there is a Puzzle Piece high up in the air, DK will need to jump on a Squidley to get an extra boost in jump to collect it. Pass this, DK will make it to the checkpoint and walk onto a pier, where the Snaggles will destroy pieces of the pier. Busting open one of the box crates, will break open a treasure chest that will allow the Kongs to use the cannon to get to the background and collect the letter "K".

Back on the pier, the Kongs will cross a small bridge with a Puzzle Piece underneath. Setting off the cannon underneath the bridge, will destroy the bridge and allow the Kongs to safely collect the Puzzle Piece. Next, they will need to use a Squidley again to reach a higher platform before reaching the second checkpoint. Activating the Ground Pound Pad will create a tower in the background that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will need to enter in order to complete the level.

Inside this tower, the Kongs will need to scale to the top while avoiding Squidlies as well as climbing on the grass walls. The barrels that are moving around in this area will also help in getting to the top of the tower. Once near the top, the Kongs will need to get into the Barrel and carefully aim up while avoiding the Electrasquids. Once at the top, the Kongs can hit the End-Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 The first puzzle piece is at the start of the level. The player will need a barrel to break open the door. One can be found by pounding a dirt pile. Easy
2 After the Squid Shot, pound a double piling to unveil a Puzzle Piece, and a Heart. Easy
3 After collecting the four coins from the cannon. Blow on the flower. Easy
4 This Puzzle Piece is floating above a platform. A Squidly may be needed to use to reach the Piece. Normal
5 After dropping down from the pier, ground pound near the cannon to destroy the piers support boards. Easy
6 After the letter "N", roll to the left to crash into a piece of shipwreck and enter a Bonus Area. Collect everything to get Puzzle Piece. Normal
7 Near the top of the tower, look for a stack of barrels on the right. Easy
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