Snide's HQ

Snide's HQ
The inside appearance of Snide's HQ in Donkey Kong 64
First/Only Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Location Throughout each of the eight levels(excluding Hideout Helm) and DK Isle.
Purpose Golden Bananas for Blueprints

Snide's HQ is a building in Donkey Kong 64 used for two purposes. Snide, a former member of the Kremling Krew, was the chief technician for the Blast-O-Matic before being kicked out by King K. Rool. Collecting Blueprints from Kasplats and bring them to Snide, will result in a [[Golden Banana] for the Kongs and one more piece of the blueprint of the Blast-O-Matic. Collecting all 40 Blueprints and returning them to Snide, will add 40 minutes onto the clock for Hideout Helm, the finale level of the game and the location of the Blast-O-Matic.

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