Strong Kong

Strong Kong
Donkey Kong in an invincible state after activating his Power Barrel ability: Strong Kong
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Abilities Temporary invincibility

Strong Kong, or Strongum Kongus is the power granted to Donkey Kong after he jumps inside of a floating barrel bearing the image of his face. They must first be activated by a switch or completed in-game goal through a particular character in order to use their respective Power Barrel, which is an essential commodity to reaching 100% file completion. At the cost of 5 coins, Donkey Kong can purchase this potion from Cranky Kong at Cranky's Lab, activating the invisible barrels throughout the entire game.

This particular Power Barrel grants Donkey Kong a short-lasting dose of invincibility, similar to the Invincible Star in Super Mario Bros. and the invincible power-up in Sonic the Hedgehog. It is represented by a sparkling aura surrounding the mountain gorilla and indicative music plays for the time being.

This power was most likely given to Donkey Kong since all of the strength-related power-ups would no doubt have to be saved for the newly-introduced Kong, Chunky Kong.

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