Target Switch

Target Switch
Target SwitchDK64.gif
The appearance of a Target Switch in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Function Triggers in-game events
Location Scattered throughout every level

The Target Switch is an especially important item to look out for through Donkey Kong 64's entirety, as it is the only way you'll ever reach blocked-off areas, secret passageways, and trigger special in-game events that will aid you in retrieving all 201 illusive Golden Bananas.

The Target Switch takes on a very egyptian-like design in it's overall appearance, and displays one of the five different types of ammo belonging to each of the five weapons wielded by the DK Crew. In order to activate this switch, all that's needed is for the Kong with the matching weapon to hit it with one shot of ammo. Such a straightforward task isn't as easy as it would initially sound, as the Target Switches are sometimes deliberately located in hard-to-reach or awkward areas and can sometimes be found attached to a mobile device or suspended in the air.

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