Temple Topple

Temple Topple
Temple Topple.jpg
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong at the beginning of the Temple Topple level.
Location: 3-6 Ruins Location: 3-6 Ruins
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Temple Topple is the sixth level of the third world in Donkey Kong Country Returns, Ruins. It is arguably the easiest level featured in this world.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

This level starts out in the immediate interior of a temple and ends in the exterior jungle setting outside of the temple, as opposed to previous levels in this world where this process was reversed. The temple featured in this level is decorated with undergrowth and vegetation, accented by decorated, rushing fountains coming out of the walls. You'll immediately find a Rambi Block to the left of where you began, hinting that this Animal Buddy will show up a little down the road. The Hopgoon is introduced in this level and the Tiki Tanks make a return. The overall obstacles at the beginning section of this level is wandering enemies and easily-avoided thorn beds. A couple Tiki Tanks and thorn beds later and you'll come across a Rambi Crate. From there, you'll be able to control Rambi for the rest of the level, breaking apart various thorn beds, suspended stone blocks, and breakable stone walls(there are also flaming hoops that you can jump through with Banana Bunches in the middle of them. Jump through them without touching the hoop and the flaming hoop will evaporate. As you proceed to the midpoint of the temple, you'll find the wall fountains transition into a canal carved into the background, which leads into a series of artificial waterfalls.

After busting through breakable walls located on top of collapsing pillars, you'll be able to destroy various hollowed stone and Rambi Blocks in order to pick up extra Banana Bunches and clear your path. Bust through another series of these blocks and you'll reach the outside of the temple, set against a setting sun and conveniently located near a Pig Checkpoint. You'll now find yourself on a long stone walkway dotted with small, unreachable shrines, stacks of breakable blocks, large, movable pillars, more flaming hoops, and suspended stone blocks(there are also sets of suspended stone platform structures with water rushing off of them, put they're only a background decoration). The Hopgoons begin showing up at the beginning of this section as well as Tiki Bombers suspended in the air on floating stone platforms, which Rambi can easily destroy. Further on, you'll find another bed of thorns surrounding by a batch of Tiki Tanks. Move on in order to utilize a series of Bounce Flowers which help you reach another flaming hoop. Clear it and you'll earn a Super Banana Bunch.

Afterwards, you'll reach a safe point with another Rambi Crate, just in case you happened to run into some trouble. Bust another vertical block in order to make a bridge for yourself and you'll have reached a second Pig Checkpoint. Here is where the level really becomes chaotic: you'll come across a large stretch of crumbling stone with a couple flaming hoop and Tiki Tanks. There is also large stone towers inbetween these obstacles with stacks of stone blocks inbetween. Break through them with Rambi and the entire tower will collapse towards you, so make sure you're quick-footed. After running through a safe-point shrine with another Rambi Crate, individual platforms of crumbling stone will be waiting for you. After you bust through another collapsing stone tower, you'll notice that the crumbling stone platforms have become smaller. Clear one last long, crumbling stone platform guarded by two Tiki Tanks and the End-Level Barrel will show up above your head, located safely above a sturdy shrine platform.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 At the end of a pair of Danger Barrels at the very beginning of the level. Easy
2 At the very beginning of the level, on the other side of the Rambi Block. Easy
3 At the end of a Bonus Room located underneath a breakable stone platform hidden underneath a bunch of Rambi Blocks Normal
4 In a breakable gourd located before the second Tiki Bomber you'll encounter in this level. Easy
5 In a breakable lamp located to the right of the End-Level Barrel. Hard
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