Tiki Doom

Tiki Doom
Tiki DoomDKCR.png
A Tiki Doom as seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Species Tiki
Home Donkey Kong Island
Enemies Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Leader Tiki Tong

Tiki Dooms are Tiki enemies who are almost exactly identical to the common Tiki Goon despite the fact that they are twice their regular size and twice as strong. Their one basic attack remains the same, which is a quick snap of their jaws which removes one of the Kongs' pieces of Heart Health if hit. This is a really easy attack to dodge, however, as either Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong simply have to bounce off of this enemy's head twice(as opposed to the one hit that's required for Tiki Goons)in order to destroy it and effectively dodge it's feeble means of defense without even a thought.

[edit] Appearance

As was previously mentioned, the Tiki Doom almost completely resembles the Tiki Goon save a fair number of physical changes. The first is it's larger size, four wooden horns sticking out of both sides of it's body(rather than the Tiki Goon's red feather dress), red facepaint underneath it's two eyes and overtop of it's nose, a different colour variant for the skirt at the base of it's body, and smaller, red pupils(as opposed to the Tiki Goon's larger yellowish ones).

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