Toxic Tower

Toxic Tower
Toxic tower.png
The beginning of Toxic Tower in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
World Level 6 - 6 (DKC2)
5 - 6 (DKL2)
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Other Appearance Donkey Kong Land 2
Difficulty Hard
Location K. Rool's Keep
Description A tower that features poisonous liquid that will damage the Kongs if they touch it.

Toxic Tower is the thirty-third level in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2. It is found in K. Rool's Keep. Toxic Tower is the final level before Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong reach the top of the Keep.

The level is filled with poisonous slime that will rise up through the dungeon as the Kongs progress higher. If a Kong touches the slime, they will get damage. Animal Buddies will help the Kongs throughout the level in three areas of the level. Rattly the rattlesnake, Squawks the parrot, and Squitter the spider all make appearances in the level to help the Kongs progress in the level. Each Animal Buddy will help get through obstacles that are made for that Animal Buddy.


[edit] Layout

[edit] Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Starting at the beginning of the level, the Kongs will have to climb up a few ledges before reaching an Animal Barrel. Jumping into the barrel, will turn the Kongs into Rattly the rattlesnake. Rattly will have to hop up all of the platforms to the left as the slime begins to rise. Next Rattly will have to hop to the next floor and bounce off a few Zingers to cross the gap. He will then have to bounce off another Zinger and jump up more platforms that are spread out in the area. At the top of the platform, he will have to bounce off more Zingers, and then jump on some thin platforms and get across. Repeating the process of jumping to higher ground and going across some more thin platforms, he will next have to jump off a Kannon to get to the next floor. Rattly will then have to super jump to the area above him and bounce off more Zingers to cross another gap. On the other side, he will will need to go up a few more short floors, avoiding Zingers, and bounce off more Zingers to get to the next platform. Rattly should then jump into the Animal Barrel, which will turn him into Squawks.

Flying upwards, Squawks should hit the Star Barrel and continue up, defeating the Zingers that come across his path. He will need to take down some Kaboings that will try and hinder his path and avoid the rising slime. Nearing the end of his part of the level, he will need to defeat many Zingers to get through the small openings and continue upwards until he makes it into the last Animal Barrel.

The next part of the level is for Squitter the Spider, he will need to use his web platforms to get up to the top-left corner of the level. Here, he will enter a barrel and shoot straight up into the No Animal Sign and turn him back into the Kongs. The Kongs will need to travel a bit farther to find the End of Level Target.

[edit] Donkey Kong Land 2

[edit] Secrets

[edit] Bonus Level

  • There is only one Bonus level found in Toxic Tower, and it can be found in the Squitter part of the level. Using his web platforms to get to the first Zinger, there will be a wall behind it. Defeating the Zinger, he will be able to get behind it and make his way towards the Bonus Barrel. The Bonus Barrel will take him to a bramble bonus level that requires Squitter to use his web platforms to reach the end of the stage. He will be rewarded with one Kremkoin.

[edit] Hero Coin

The Hero Coin(Or DK Coin), can be found in Rattly's part of the level. He will find a banana formation shape in the form of the letter A, he will need to jump up and go across a few thin platforms before seeing a Zinger. Defeating the Zinger and dropping down the small gap below, he will need to aim near the alcove on the right, where the Hero Coin is.

[edit] Golden Feather (GBA Only)

Located in Rattly's part, he will need to enter the area filled with platforms, where he can find the letter K. He should then bounce down to the platform below and perform a super jump. He will collect the feather in mid-air.

[edit] Photograph (GBA Only)

Located in Squitter's part, he will need to make web platforms past the Bonus Stage, to find a Zinger with a photograph above his head. Defeating the enemy, will give him the photograph to add to the Kongs' scrapbook. This is exclusive to the Game Boy Advance port of Donkey Kong Country 2.

[edit] Enemies

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