Toy Monster

Toy Monster
Toy Monster, as seen in Donkey Kong 64

The Toy Monster is a mini-boss found in Donkey Kong 64 that offers up a Golden Banana in exchange for defeating it. It can be encountered in the Frantic Factory world, in a room that only Chunky Kong can have access to in the R&D Room. After defeating a variety of toy-like enemies, more will burst out of a nearby toy chest. They will form together to create the Toy Monster. Chunky will have to jump into the Hunky Chunky Barrel to become Hunky Chunky who will be able to defeat this mini-boss. Chunky will not waste any Crystal Coconuts in this fight, as Chunky is given unlimited Crystal Coconuts.

The boss will walk towards Chunky slowly, attacking with its rectangular arms. The easiest method of defeating the Toy Monster, is to run and attack and then repeat before it can attack Chunky. Once it has been defeated, a Golden Banana will appear for Chunky Kong.

The Toy Monster consists of Sir Dominoes as legs, Mr. Dice as the head, Rulers for arms, and Super Blocks for the body.

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