Tree Top Bop

Tree Top Bop
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in Tree Top Bop.
Location: 1-3 Jungle Location: 1-3 Jungle
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 5

Tree Top Bop is the third level featured in Jungle world in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

The level starts off much similar to previous levels. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will venture into Tree Top Bop while passing by stone blocks and facing Awks before jumping onto a platform with another Awks, that is above a spike pit. Next they will come into contact with two more Awks and a Tiki Doom. Jumping on all three consecutively, will give DK, three Banana Coins. Past that they will find two more of these trees and they will need to get on top of the second tree to be able to get to the barrel and shoot to the top, collecting many Bananas along the way.

Once at the top of the tree, the Kongs will be able to see a temple in the background. Going to the right, they will need to get past a new enemy called Hopgoons, which are another variation of Frogoons. They will have to platform across more swaying trees to get to another barrel that leads them to solid ground. Getting past the spike pit, the Kongs will reach the checkpoint. After the checkpoint, there is a thin platform that Donkey Kong can slam the ground on that will take him to a box with a rhino on it. Opening this box will reveal Rambi the Rhinoceros and the Kongs will be able to ride him and use him to break stones that they could not before and destroy spikes that will lead them to bonus areas.

With Rambi, the Kongs will come to platforms that will sway lower one side depending on where the Kongs are. This can be useful for jumping to a higher platform if a normal jump can reach it. Past the swaying trees will bring the Kongs to some spikes that can be easily crossed and then find the End-Level Barrel.

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 When you reach the edge, use the DK Barrel to get Diddy. Hover-jump across the gap to find the Puzzle Piece. Normal
2 With Rambi, head to left to the pit of spikes and run through them and through the Rambi Block. Here they will need to complete the bonus game to get the Puzzle Piece. Easy
3 Destroying the blocks under the Tiki Doom and the Awks will reveal the next one. Easy
4 Crash through another spike pit before the End-Level Barrel to open up another bonus area that requires Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to collect everything. Normal
5 To the right of the End-Level Barrel, Rambi can destroy some stone blocks that reveals a hidden area with Bananas, Extra Life Balloon and a Puzzle Piece. Easy

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