Troff and Scoff

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Troff and Scoff
Troff and Scoff as seen in Donkey Kong 64
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Location At the door to every boss battle in each of the eight levels
Features Allow you to challenge a boss

Troff and Scoff are a very unique pair of characters exclusive to Donkey Kong 64, who serve no other purpose either than stuffing their faces and unlocking doors in order to grant you access to fighting each and every boss featured in this Nintendo 64 title. They are rather ugly-looking animals who wear no clothes and carry an obvious weight problem. Troff is a pink pig(as indicated by his pun-driven name, taken from the structure pigs typically eat their food from), and Scoff is a blue hippo. They both stand on their own special platforms on either side of the locked boss door(Troff on the left and Scoff on the right).

The right amount of Bananas are needed when you meet this pair at the end of each level. You must feed Scoff just the right amount of Bananas that are labeled on the door leading to the boss in order to make him gain just the right amount of weight in order to allow Troff, who retains his original mass, to reach the padlock and key high above where his platform is located in order for him to unlock it for you. The number labeled on the door goes down with however many Bananas you feed Scoff in order for you to keep track of your progress.

Troff unlocking the door to a boss fight

[edit] Bosses and Bananas Required

Troff stock art
Scoff stock art
Kong Used World Bananas Required Boss
Donkey Kong Jungle Japes 60 Army Dillo
Diddy Kong Angry Aztec 120 Dogadon
Tiny Kong Frantic Factory 200 Mad Jack
Lanky Kong Gloomy Galleon 250 Puftoss
Chunky Kong Fungi Forest 300 Dogadon
Donkey Kong Crystal Caves 350 Army Dillo
All(Lanky will go first) Creepy Castle 400 King Kut Out

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