Wonky Waterway

Wonky Waterway
Wonky waterway.jpg
Donkey Kong at the beginning of the Wonky Waterway level.
Location: 3-1 Ruins Location: 3-1 Ruins
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns
Puzzle Pieces 7

Wonky Waterway is the first level featured in the third world in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Ruins.

[edit] Donkey Kong Country Returns

The first level of this world starts out on a pier adjacent to a beach shore adorning the wrecked hull of a pirate ship(given we/re still making the transition from the previous Beach world). A new enemy is introduced in this level known as the Stilts: a bird-like creature on stilts. As you move on through the first portion of this level, you will notice the tropical-like environmental elements begin to slowly fade into an Aztec-like city(cleverly based around the decorative theme of the original sprite design of our main simian hero from his Donkey Kong Arcade days). From here, you'll encounter Tiki Goons and Tiki Buzzes, with the intention of getting your feet wet until the trickier enemies arrive. After overcoming these enemies, you'll meet up with a dead end at a stone wall and a Ground Pound Pad beneath your feet. Activate it with Donkey Kong's Ground Pound move in order to cause the middle-section stone blocks of this wall to drop, clearing a path for you.

After avoiding one more Tiki Goon, you'll then encounter a new Tiki enemy known as the Tiki Bomber. Afterwards, you'll come across two Screaming Pillars set inbetween three lit candles. Blow them out in order to uncover the second Puzzle Piece found in this stage. Walking further on will bring you to another dead end, guarded by another Tiki Bomber. Defeat it in order to safely activate a Golden Statue Head in the shape of a horned gorilla, which can only be done by jumping and clinging onto the short green vine that is hanging out of the bottom of it's chin. It's activation will be signified by it's mouth dropping open under your weight and steam shooting out of it's ears. This will unlock a platform that emerges from the wall for a short period of time which will allow you to reach the Cling Grass overhead. The bed of Cling Grass will bring you to an upper level where a Pig Checkpoint and Buddy Barrel are waiting for you.

Further on, you'll uncover an area with a giant waterwheel and three Screaming Pillars located inbetween small patches of dangerous Thorns. The Kong Roll and Barrel Jet should get you over this obstacle without a fuss. After the Screaming Pillars, you'll find your path blocked by a pillar and a Golden Statue Head directly above you. Activate it in order to form a makeshift bridge which will allow you to carry on(be warned: upon activation, three Stilts' will immediately appear and cross the bridge towards you!). Walk a little ways and you'll come across a Danger Barrel, which will blast you onto a series of collapsing and disentigrating stone platforms. The first series of platforms are three which will collapse into each other in a domino fashion, followed by a long, crumbling platform with a Tiki Zing on it. This will lead you to the second Danger Barrel, which will launch you onto another crumbling platform guarded by a Tiki Zing, followed by a small, single crumbling platform which will lead you to the third Danger Barrel.

This barrel will now blast you further into the background, where you'll encounter another large, crumbling platform, followed by one with a Tiki Zing, followed by two small, crumbling platforms with a Tiki Zing gettingin your way. Overcome one more large, crumbling platform with a Tiki Zing on it, and you'll have reached the fourth Danger Barrel. This barrel will blast you even further into the background and onto two more large, crumbling platforms guarded by a Tiki Zing, followed by three more platforms which collapse in the domino fashion(they're only slightly larger)which will lead you to the very last and largest crumbling platform with one last Tiki Zing to dodge before you've reached the fifth Danger Barrel, which will launch you into the sixth and final Danger Barrel, which then blasts you onto a safe platform, positioning you directly in front of the second Pig Checkpoint.

Here you'll find another Buddy Barrel and a Golden Statue Head, which will open up the jaws of a giant, dragon-like statue's mouth, revealing Bananas, Banana Bunches, and Banana Coins(be warned though: this effect is temporary and that dragon statue has one deadly bite!). On the other side of the dragon statue are two Stilts. After defeating this pair of enemies, you can use the one Stilts that's actually using stilts in order to perform a higher bounce and then utilize Diddy Kong's Barrel Jet in order to reach the top of the dragon statue's head, where a Super Banana Bunch will be waiting for you. You'll also find another trio of lit candles in this area, which will reveal another Golden Statue Head when each one is blown out. This will reveal eight Bananas and two Banana Coins once activated. Upon walking further, you'll find another Tiki Bomber guarding a breakable lamp which contains another hidden Puzzle Piece, followed by four Screaming Pillars resting as pairs on platforms located inbetween dropoffs containing deadly water pits.

The first two Screaming Pillars are vertically-stacked one on top of another(these first two can be easily avoided as they are awoken even before you can think of jumping to the first platform). While on the first platform, the second pair of Screaming Pillars(set side-by-side)are awoken and can be seen humorously crushing an unsuspecting Tiki Goon on their way down. After this obstacle is overcome, you'll come across a long, smooth, sloped platform which takes on the appearance of a snake(there is also an easily-missed background image depicting a giant, coloured statue in the shape of the original, 8-bit Donkey Kong sprite from Donkey Kong Arcade, wearing the modern Donkey Kong's red bowtie and proudly holding an oversized, white Wiimote over his head. This statue is standing on top of a blue-green temple located on a tall, rocky mountain). The slope descends downward from where you stand, so you can either Kong Roll down it or simply slide down on your back or stomach. There are solid rows of Bananas lining these platforms as well as Tiki Buzzes hovering not too far above, so be wary. At the end of the first slope, you'll come to a dropoff where two vertically-stacked Screaming Pillars are ready to crush you. On the other side of this dropoff is the last section of this platform, which slopes up. Kong Roll or hop up it in order to reach the End-Level Barrel!

[edit] Puzzle Pieces

Number Location Difficulty
1 To the far-left of the starting point, on a single platform Hard
2 On top of one of a pair of Screaming Pillars after activating the Golden Head Hard
3 In a secret Danger Barrel located on the far, upper left side of a long patch of overhead Cling Grass Normal
4 Inside the first Screaming Pillar after the checkpoint Hard
5 In a small pit inbetween a Golden Head and an upright pillar Easy
6 In a breakable lamp next to a Tiki Bomber Easy
7 To the far right of the End-Level Barrel's location, on a separate platform Hard
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